Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I didn't do too much today.  That will be the tale for the next few days, seeing as we have nothing planned.  I got some sewing done.  Did a couple of loads of laundry.  (Including all of Luke's bedding, seeing as he fiddled with his diaper before going to sleep, exposing parts that the diaper is meant for.  I wondered why he wouldn't get out of bed when he woke up, he just kept calling for me.  Now we've had our first "we don't pee pee in bed" talk.)

While I was taking it easy, I looked around and realized all the little things around me that make me happy.  I enjoy taking stock of these little things to remind myself how blessed I am and how good life is.  Thought I would share them with you now.

1.  My lunch (this would be right after I finished, it was that good!)

I had the best lunch today.  And to make it better, I made it myself, no drive throughs required.  It was a hot ham and cheese with avocado, tomato, and lots of mayo.  The only thing that would have made it better was some fresh spinach.  Also, I really only like to drink my beverages with a straw.  Straws make me happy.

2. Nap time

I think anyone who deals with children in any way shape or form relishes nap time.  I love my baby.  Love him.  Most of the time I even miss him when he's asleep.  But nap time is MY time.  Whether I want to sleep, eat chips without sharing them, shower for extended periods of time, study the bible (which I'm ashamed to say has fallen by the wayside since getting pregnant.  I would fall asleep every time!), whatever I want.

3.  Cella's

These are the only chocolate covered cherries I'll eat.  I don't buy them very often, but when I do, I hide them so no little fingers (or big manly ones) sneak my treat.

4.  BBQ Baked Lays

This is another reason my lunch was so stellar.  I've been hooked on them lately!  I think this is my third bag in a row.  I appreciate how crunchy baked chips are without being greasy.  Thank you Jesus for giving someone this idea.

5.  Coke in the fridge

I never buy coke, especially in cans.  If I buy it, it's in a 2 liter.  But the grocery store had their 12 packs on sale for buy 2 get 3 free, so how could I pass that up!  I mixed it up by getting 2 cherry Cokes, 2 Dr. Peppers, and a vanilla coke.  Just seeing them in there makes me so happy.  These are my favorites!  I know I talk about DP the most, but I really do love cherry and vanilla Coke.  I REALLY love to pop open one of each and mix them together!

6.  After night night ritual

After I put Luke to bed it's really my time to unwind.  I turn off all the lights in the house except for the Christmas tree, make hot tea or cocoa, curl up in between those pillow with my softy blanket, and watch whatever bad tv was DVRed that night.  Oh, it's just wonderful.  Cody is off in the computer room playing his game, so I can guiltlessly watch Gossip Girl or Glee or Private Practice.  I have done this every night for the past week, although the last couple of nights it's been warm enough to forgo the blanket and exchange the hot beverage for peppermint ice cream (which also makes me happy).  I don't think a spa would be any more relaxing than my home is in those moments.  Tonight it's cold again, but that ice cream is still calling my name....

7.  This face

How could I write a list of things that make me happy and not include this little face in it?  He makes me happy every day.  Today I was sewing and I hear "Mom.  Mom.  Mom.  MOM!"  I look over and this is what I see.  Oh boy.  Awesome.  He does keep me on my toes.  I love seeing his little smile, hearing his little laugh, and don't even get me started about how angelic he looks when he sleeps.  In that picture up for nap time, he isn't really sleeping.  I took that today through the door knob in the TWO AND HALF HOURS he played instead of sleeping.  That picture was preceded by my saying "Lay down!  Close your eyes!  Be still!"  Luckily my crouching there forcing him to "sleep" got him still enough for long enough that he did finally go to sleep not long after that.  But he is his daddy's son and had a pillow over his head when I peeked back in.  Don't worry, it wasn't in a dangerous way. 

So there you have it.  The little things I'm not taking for granted these days.  I know that most of them revolve around food, but what can I say?  It's who I am. 

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