Sunday, November 14, 2010

He's all mine

That little boy is all mine.  No matter how cute he is, you can't have him. And that picture isn't helping, is it?  Oh man I love him.  And it's a good thing too, cause he was a stinker in church this morning.  Cars thrown everywhere.  Stretched out on the pew singing and kicking his feet.  Didn't want his snack, then wanted it, then didn't again.  Whined.  Went limp noodle.  But eh.  He was cute.  And he would occasionally give me that sweet and sly smile that said "I know I'm pushing it..." that just makes me laugh. 

After church we went to lunch with Mom and Dad to Roadhouse, then came home for a nap.  I didn't really mean to take a nap, but it happens.  I think I was subconsciously was continuing to put off the massive amounts of housework that has piled up.  We didn't end up going to small groups tonight since the weekend recovery process was still going on and I needed to get the laundry under control.  There were 4 loads of clean clothes in the laundry room and Cody was dangerously close to going to work naked tomorrow.  If he worked from home that wouldn't be a big deal (ha!) but I don't think his bosses in the office would appreciate that.  Plus winter is here!  My love would be cold. 

Yes you read that right, winter has come!  This past week it was WARM (as in, I'd already turned off the a/c yet every afternoon it would get to 82 in the house) but Friday afternoon a cold front blew in and winter has come.  Yes, it changes from "fall" to winter in one day.  I mean, a couple of days this week it's supposed to get back up into the 70's again, but mostly we're done with that.  I think the high today was 61.  Woo hoo winter!  I've had hot tea every evening and I'm currently wearing house shoes and a shaw-blanket.  I could put on a warmer shirt than the cami I have on, but nothing says "cold weather" like wrapping a blanket around your shoulders and pinning it with a clothes pin, right?

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Haley said...

Yes he is adorable! He looks ready for Christmas pics.