Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A little Christmas talk

Today turns out to be the perfect day to talk about Christmas.  It was cold and rainy today.  I mean cold.  Sunday it was so hot kids couldn't wear their entire Halloween costume for the sweating and today it was in the 50's.  And it rained all day.  Perfect weather to say in bed.  But we couldn't, cause a little someone had an appointment at the pediatrician's for his flu shot and 2 year vaccinations (we were just a couple of days early on his 2 year well check and he couldn't get them then).  Oh, I hate making him get shots especially when I generally don't get them myself.  And seeing him struggle against the anticipation and cry cry cry just broke my heart.  But it was over quickly and a sucker and lunch from Chick Fil A made the world right again. 

Okay, now onto Christmas. I want/am redoing Luke's room for a majority of his Christmas present this year.  He still doesn't really care about presents or get the concept of Christmas/Santa yet, so I'm taking advantage of one more year.  Sure he'll have a few little things to open on Christmas morning but this will be most of it.  Or more accurately, the mattress will be most of it.  Holy Moly I'm not looking forward to that.  Anyone wanna go in and split it with me?  Ha!  If only it were that easy. 

See, what I've decided (not what I had wanted, but I'm making do) is instead of converting Luke's bed up to the full size, we are going to convert it back into a crib and put it in the new nursery.  I will put just a twin size mattress and frame in Luke's room while the baby uses the bed.  Once the baby is ready for a big bed I will switch them- baby gets the twin (a full size will NOT fit into his room) and Luke gets the crib converted to full size (which WILL fit in his room).  Since Luke will only have the twin for two or three years before getting an even bigger bed, I've picked some cheap bedding that won't hurt the pocket book when he gets more.  Now on to the good part!  Here's what I've found:

the comforter and sham ($13 and $9 respectively!)

the bedskirt ($12!)

the sheets (ideally I would love two sets of these!) ($20 each)
The theme of the room will be vintage cowboy stuff, and a lot of the decorations are red.  I want to make a decorative pillow with Luke's name on it using different cowboy fabrics to top off the bed.  I'm hoping these red curtains that used to hang in our room will match close enough, and I've already got the pennant cut for a cowboy pennant banner to go across the curtains.  I'm so excited about his new bed!  I can't wait to be able to lay down with him without feeling like the whole thing is going to come crashing down.  I can't wait to redecorate with all the cute things I've collected over the last few months (plus the things Mom bought at Canton!).  It's just that darn mattress......any takers on my offer?  ;)

*edit- the bedding has been bought!  Very thankful for generous family, so now it's down to just the mattress and my boy has a brand new room!  Wahoo!

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Arrie said...

You are so smart to buy bedding that doesn't cost a million dollars. We found the best prices on mattresses at Mattress Firm across from Target on 2499. Yay for a big boy bed.