Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where have you been?

I know this is what you are saying.  I can hear you now.  Where have I been?   Home.  What have I been doing?  Sewing like a mad woman. 

See, Tuesday morning I told my friend I would be in her craft fair that was TODAY.  I'm crazy.  Not only did this mean I had the anticipation of my first craft fair, but I had to whip up the inventory to go with it seeing what I had here was woefully scares.  So this meant Tuesday I was running around town gathering supplies, Wednesday and Thursday I was cutting/pinning/sewing and nothing else (I mean nothing else.  No toys got picked up, only one dinner was barely made, and I only took one bath.  Yikes), and Friday I piddled around in the morning and afternoon which left for hardly any time to get things wrapped up and packed up (Mom and Dad took the day off to do Christmas shopping, so we met them for lunch [conveniently at Olive Garden that I JUST HAPPEN to be craving. ;)] then we went to Toys R Us to find Christmas presents from them to Luke).  My back hurt so bad from hunching over for days on end, and I was not a fan of letting my house and little boy get so little attention.  But we all survived, and then it was sell time

The fair officially opened at 9 this morning, so I got up this morning at 6:30 to get myself ready, run to Wal Mart for a power strip, Chick Fil A for breakfast (something I haven't had since I taught school!  Not because I don't like it, I'm just never out the door in time in the morning!), and then to the place by 8.  Good thing I got there so early, it took me the whole time to get ready.  I wish I had a picture!  If I do say so myself, my booth looked pretty dang good.  There were onesies and t shirts and burp cloths and crayon rolls and paci holders sweetly placed in various baskets and a little toy wagon (that may or may not all belong to Luke).  My business cards were primed in the front and middle of the table.  My sewing machine was set up to keep my hands busy during the long day.  Bring on the people.

I am so. glad. I had my sewing machine.  Not only was I able to finish up some projects I hadn't been able to, due to my dilly dallying and a certain little boy who likes to place books and toys in my lap when I sew, but I was able to pass the long hours of not selling things.  That's right.  Between the hours of 9 and 5 I only sold three items.  Three.  I barely covered the cost of renting the booth.  Barely as in, I technically only made $2.  I handed out a lot of card and got tons of complements, but I just couldn't seal the deal on anything.  Not even to the two very pregnant ladies who came by.  Another way I passed the time was with my visitors.  Mom came up to sit with me twice (the first time bringing me lunch and the second time bringing me shoes and shirts she bought for Luke!) and Cody brought Luke up to visit.  Plus a friend from church had a booth too, so we visited off and on (she said it was a slow day and didn't do very much business either.  At least it wasn't just me!) 

When Cody came to visit me, I told him I would probably call him when I was all packed up and ready to put stuff into the car to come help me move the card table (he was sweet enough to get up this morning and move it into the building for me).  I found some nice people who also had a booth that was willing to help the poor pregnant lady, which made me relieved that I didn't have to call him and make him load Luke up AGAIN and come up to the place AGAIN.  Just as I was getting into the truck to head home, who comes pulling up into the parking lot?  My dearly beloved with my babe.  What a guy.  I didn't even call him and he still was coming up to make sure I was okay and getting things moved.  It made me feel so loved. 

Speaking of my two loves.  Anyone wonder what they did today? Apparently they ate a lot of sugar.  Cody said he and Luke had Twix and Three Musketeers for breakfast, and after nap time he gave Luke so many Smarties that Luke was jumping up and down on his chair screaming like a banshee and wagging his head for THIRTY MINUTES.  Oh me oh my.  But you know what?  He survived.  He's not going to be any worse off for it, and it's just one day.  Plus I'm hoping the sugar rush will cause a sugar crash that helps him sleep tonight.  Like right now. 

So all in all, it was an interesting day.  I'm glad I did it, it's one more experience to add to my list.  Will I do it again?  I don't know.  The prep was much more intimidating than the actual selling part, and I'm not much of a gambler when it comes to will I or won't I make money this time?  I enjoyed getting to sit and visit with Mom and Cody, and it was nice to get some fairly uninterrupted sewing time.  As I was packing up my machine, I told myself I was done sewing for a little while since I pushed myself so hard this week.  Then I remembered the things I want to make for Luke's room, and it got me excited to now have the time to get going on them.  I'm a little disappointed that not only did I not make enough to pay for Luke's new mattress, but I wasn't even able to make some money for another one of those Target shirts.  Maybe if I post some of these things in my store I'll get there eventually!

As for right this very minute?  I'm ready for a hot cup of tea and some mindless tv. 

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Lucy Marie said...

Sorry you didn'tmake as muhc as you had hoped but I do not think you should give up!! Keep trying.