Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where's the water?

Yesterday was a whole lot more family.  See, we spent Thursday with my dad's side of the family (along with my mom's dad, Grandy, who came into town Wednesday afternoon).  They all left Thursday night and then yesterday morning mom's whole side of the family came into town to celebrate Grandy's 79th birthday since he was still here.  Yep.   I've seen every member of my extended family in the last three days except one cousin and two cousin-spouses (as in my cousins where here but their spouses were not).  Last night we had a giant fajita dinner, and I'm hopeful that we got our Christmas card photo.  Maybe?  I'm not 100% sure I want to send them out this year but I didn't want the lack of photo to hold me back.  I'm not thrilled with my hair, we started so fast due to Luke's incapability to take decent photos, that I didn't get to fix it so it looks super flat and make my ears stick out.  Whateves.  I'll post the finished product later either after I decide not to do it or after they arrive in mailboxes. 

After church this morning the whole family went to lunch before they all hit the road to go home.  I had the best. hamburger. ever.  Lets skip the rest of the day to get to tonight.  It's the reason for the title.  Luke gets a bath every night.  No exceptions.  Sometimes he plays in there, but mostly he just calls for Daddy or Momma to come in there with him and wash him.  He's not a fan of sitting in there alone, but I take advantage of the time and clean the kitchen or something.  So tonight when he called for me over and over and over and over again I didn't think much of it.  Nothing new.  Except this time when I went in there I found the tub in this state. 

When I asked him where the water went he did this.

Smart boy.  I don't know if the drain wasn't properly covered or if he took the cover off himself, but somehow all the water went bye bye.  Oops!

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