Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not so busy

After last week's business and working my butt off yesterday to get things back to normal around here, I was finally able to sit and relax for a long time today.  It's a good thing too, because my DVR had gotten up to 98%.  Eek.  That just tells you how my time has flown lately!  I enjoyed my (decaf) coffee, my multiple tv shows, and reading about a million books to Luke.  Later this afternoon I got around to sewing up a couple of things for Luke's up and coming new room, things that have been brewing in my head for a while. 

It's been a while since I've been able to label a post "something I made"!   Too long.  I'm super excited about the throw pillow for his bed, and the banner to spruce up the plain curtains (which I need to look for....).  Now all we need is that mattress (and a new curtain rod.  Details details) and we will be good to go.  I bought his Christmas presents yesterday, I can't wait to wrap them up and put them under the Christmas tree.  I'm thinking I wanna put the tree up on Monday or so.  I know it will be slightly before Thanksgiving, but it's close enough right?  I didn't do ANY redecorating for fall or Halloween or Thanksgiving (read- put out these pumpkins and dish towels) so I'm ready for a change. 


Lucy Marie said...

Love love love the pillow girl. You are so talented.

Haley said...

Love it Lindsey! That's what I'm planning on doing with the boys' room, a pennant banner; I totally stole your idea :)