Friday, November 5, 2010

Just a peek

A couple of nights ago I took a really long, hot shower right before getting into bed.   It led to me sitting in the bottom of the tub picking at my toe nail polish.  Which led to my toes looking like this.

Oh, my momma's gonna have a heart attack when she sees that picture.  Don't worry, I'll have freshly painted toes by Sunday morning. 

The last couple of days were pretty boring.  Kayden didn't come yesterday so I got out with Luke to do a bunch of errands that are easier with just one kid.  I wore us out so much we ended up taking a nap from 1:30ish to 4:30ish.  YEAH.  I was worried that he wouldn't (or I for that matter) sleep last night, but luckily he fell asleep pretty quickly.

I counted myself lucky too soon.  At 2 AM there was a little face at the foot of my bed tellin us all kinds of stories.  This time he wasn't sleep walking.  He was wide awake, with Puppy and Blanket, ready to start the day.  Oi.  I took him back to his room, tucked him back in, and hoped that was that.  Nope.  At 3 I woke up to a "Mooooooooooom.   Mooooooooooooom."  Not in a panicked way.  Not in a scared way, more in a bored way.  So I got up, made sure he was tucked in, and laid my head down on his pillow for a few minutes.  All he wanted to do was tell me more stories.  So I left his room and went back to bed.  Please let that be the end of it.  Nope.  At 4 I heard the bored voice again.  This time I made Cody get up and go see him.  When he came back into the room his response was "He can't tell me what he wants to I just brought him with me."  Mmmmmmmmm, not what I had in mind.  For an hour the three of us tossed and turned, shushing the boy of his stories, all the while I was fighting a little body off my face.  FINALLY at 5 Cody threw in the towel and took him back to bed.  Thankfully that really was the last we heard of him until day light. 

Except when he woke up, YOWZERS, was he in a mood.  I have never seen him that grumpy/upset/whatever in his life.  After a couple of hours he calmed down, but by then I was pretty frazzled.  I'm really hoping we don't have a repeat tonight. 

All this to say, Cody and I are pretty tired tonight.  When he got home from work he laid on the couch.  Luke was not so tried.  He was in lap running mode.  These pictures pretty much sum up our Friday night.  (even Daisy was asleep on Daddy)  I promise promise promise I did not pose a single thing in these, I just happened to have the camera to take a picture of my toes and when I looked up:

We are so cool.

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Anonymous said...

Those toes did just about give me a heart attack! :) Hope the little stinker slept for you last night and you have a good weekend.

~Your momma~