Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dinner Party

The last few days I've really had nothing to say.  We've stayed home.  We've stayed comfortable.  And while there is nothing wrong with that, it's great for the wallet actually, it's not so great for the blog.  We've played cars, we've colored, we've run laps around the house while screaming like a banshee, we've watched tv, we've shopped online, we've eaten at home. 

But last night Cody and I got all gussied up for a dinner party.  And by all gussied up I mean he didn't change out of the clothes he wore to work and I put on eye shadow (a big deal after days of only slapping on mascara).  We were invited to Tara and Drew's for a Thanksgiving Potluck, and Tara plays the hostess very well.  There was turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, two kinds of cranberries (my bad!), homemade bread, salad, sparkling grape juice for yours truly (sweet lady to think of the pregnant gal), and finally pumpkin pie and pecan pie with these fantastic hot drinks for dessert.  To say I left the table with a bit of indigestion from over eating would be accurate.  She even knows how to keep the dinner conversation going since everyone wasn't completely familiar with each other.  There were fun questions like "What was your craziest job?"  and "What happened on your wedding day that didn't go the right way?"  While I love the play the hostess myself, I'm definitely not in her league of having the mostess.  In fact, my fear of a lull in the conversation has prevented entire evenings from happening to being with. 

So, we had fun.  We stayed out past our bed time, and came home to sleep in.  Luckily Luke was with two very capable babysitters who didn't save Christmas presents until Christmas time.  Ever since Dad found out Luke was a boy he's had visions of a fancy Hot Wheels track in his head (poor guy only has one sister, then had two daughters.  This son business was new to us all).  When we went to Toys R Us last week they picked up just the track that Dad "thought" Luke needed to had, while we teased him on whose name should go on the present- Papa's or Luke's.  Well, turns out that's a decision that didn't need to be made because before Cody and I even left for Tara's I saw on Mom's facebook status that the boys were having a grand time zooming Hot Wheels around the track.  Hmm.  As long as they had fun!

I guess I should mention the other big thing that happened yesterday.  I didn't have Kayden, so I took Luke to lunch to Cracker Barrel (we shared the blueberry pancakes and sausages, and it was obvious by the blue smeared all over his face how much he loved it) and then we went and bought Luke his new mattress!  YAY!  We'll go and pick it up on Tuesday.  I'm so excited!

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Tara Branch said...

You are too sweet! We LOVED having y'all over last night!! Thanks for making the trek to hang out and eat yumminess together.