Thursday, November 25, 2010


This morning Luke didn't get out of bed until 8:30 again.  What a way to start off a day to be thankful.  I could get used to this!  Once again he didn't come into our room, rather he shut our door and then went into the living room where he started talking/playing/something with himself.  I went ahead and got up to make us some muffins, then after breakfast we settled in and watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  What a sweet time to cuddle with my boy and watch the bands and floats.  He really enjoyed the marching bands and every time an "air ship" float came on he would starts pointing and saying "wha tha? wha tha? wha tha?"  I guess if I was 2 and had never seen a giant inflatable cartoon before I'd be a little confused too. 

By about 11 I decided it was time to get off my bum and start on my kitchen projects.  It's a good thing I did, because I barely made my 3:00 dead line to have us over at Mom's for the feast.  I made rice crispy treats (which I let Luke have some marshmallows from, I do spoil him every now and then!), home made chocolate chip cookies (and don't think I don't spoil Cody- I made the first batch without chocolate chips, just like he likes), and a different cranberry sauce than the one I took to Tara's last week.  It was SOOOO much better!  Anyway, I felt like such a homemaker standing there for hours mixing and chopping and baking and cooking.  Being a homemaker takes forever though.  I only made the three things, but between dealing with Luke period and trying to get myself ready at some point, it took a long time. 

Finally we were out the door a little after 3, and it was COLD.  I mean COLD.  Yesterday the high was in the low 80's.  Today?  Today the high was 42.  Brrrrrrrrrr.  Good thing we weren't going far.  Yet, when we got there we were the last to arrive.  Oops!  My aunt, uncle, cousins, and grandmother all beat us there.  At first my little guy was shy around the family he doesn't see often, but that didn't last long.  Soon he was running around like a banshee, keeping everyone on their toes.  Some of that might have been his lack of nap though.  The child was in his bed from 12:45 to 2:45 and I'm pretty sure he didn't sleep a wink.  By 4 we were all gathered around the table(s) chowing down on one fantastic meal.  Oh, I stuffed myself silly.  I guess this is the point where I should fess up and mention that I broke down and wore maternity pants today.  Hey.  I figured with all the eating I'd need the give of an elastic waist.

Turns out I was right.  It was 2 hours before I was able to even have dessert.  By then we were all gathered around the tv watching the Cowboys play.  Not even going to go into that came.  Let's just say the Saints deserved the win for the way that they played, even when Dallas almost came back from behind. 

So, obviously  it was a very successful Thanksgiving.  And I have so much to be thankful for.  I'm thankful for the little boy who is the light of my life, and for the new life that will be coming our way in about 6 months.  I'm thankful for a husband who lets me stay home to raise our baby and doesn't complain about the sacrifices.  I'm thankful for family, who takes care of us when we can't take care of ourselves.  For our home that is cozy and comfortable.  For the millions of other little things God has blessed me with, even though I have done nothing to deserve them.  For  the Savior who gives them to me, loves me, and saves me every single day.  Without Him I would be nothing.

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