Friday, November 26, 2010

Word explosion

Over the last few days it seems like Luke's vocabulary has really blossomed into something more recognizable.  We are so excited!  Some of the things off the top of my head that he's been saying lately:

-(Momma/Daddy/Nana/Papa) home! (which he always says when Cody comes home from work, and sometimes when I walk into a room.  I just laugh and tell him Momma's always home!)
-(insert name here) come
-Daddy work
-Daddy work (but this one means Daddy's truck.  You'll know cause he says it in the driveway pointing where the truck either is or is supposed to be)
-I home
-Where Momma go
-ni ni (night night)
-puppa naket (puppy and blanket)
-jace (juice)
-Dai-Say (Daisy)
-wite (light)
-I wock (I wanna rock)(I love this one!)

Some non-verbal yet supremely cute things that he does now:
-fake snore when he's fake sleeping
-hiding in the couch cushions to "scare" me
-share his puppy and blanket when I'm laying down
-signs "car" whenever I put real clothes on (as in, "We're gonna get in the car and go somewhere now right?  Please?")
-anytime there is something wrong with his shoe he says uh oh
-when pointing to parts on his bath toy sting ray he pointed to the horn part and I said "I don't know, I guess it's a horn." and he said toot toot!  lol.  Yes, horns say toot toot.
-anytime he sees an animal he makes the noise they make.  Like today we were walking through the parking lot at the Shops of Highland Village and all of the sudden we heard him neigh.  Sure enough we looked around and there were statues of a horse!
-wraps his little arms around my leg when I'm standing up and squeezes for a hug (and sometimes burying his face in my leg)
-random drive-by kisses on which ever of my body parts is closest to him

So that might have been boring to most of you, but I really wanted to remember when these things happen.  Doctors always ask stuff like that and I never know what to tell them!  I'm horrible at remember when things happen.  I can't even remember what happened yesterday, much less something that happened months ago no matter how important it is!  Except for Luke's birthday.  That's burned into my brain.  ;) 

I just have to add that today I did end up partaking in a little Black Friday shopping.  Ashley had to work Wednesday night and tonight, so she stayed up last night and went out so that she could keep on the same sleep schedule.  Mom ended up going with her and they tried to sucker me in but I was like heck no!   But then Mom called me this morning at 9:30 and said she and Grandy were getting back out and asked if Luke and I wanted to come.  I caved since I really had nothing better to do.  It was either tv and laundry or get off my touckas and do some browsing.  It's a good thing I did because at Old Navy I finally got a new coat for 50% off!  It's the cutest thing, and I haven't had a new coat in years.  Seriously, probably not since I've gotten married.  Yikes.  Plus she got Luke a bunch of new clothes for part of his Christmas present, plus I was able to pick out what Grandy would get him for Christmas too.  That little stinker made out big time today and he didn't even know it.  When we got home it was nap time for both of us (not before a little lunch at Freddy's though.  Oh, they have the best fries.) and then as expected we watched tv and did laundry.  The movie Elf was on tonight, and I could totally tell the hormones were a blazing because I cried at the end.  I cried at the end of Elf.  Yeesh.


Anonymous said...

What an exciting list to read! God is good! He most definitely listens to prayers! :)

~Luke's Nana~

Lucy Marie said...

So exciting to hear all the progress Luke is making! Black Friday is something I have never and probably will never experience.