Monday, November 1, 2010

9 weeks

I really want to talk about what I'm wanting to do for Luke's Christmas present, but I'm gonna make myself wait until tomorrow when I won't have much else to talk about.......if only I don't forget!  

(sorry about the awful tee shirt from high school, but at least I changed out of the black fleece pants I was wearing.  In my defense, I didn't go anywhere until at quick grocery trip after dinner.  Just keeping it real.)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 9 Weeks

Size of baby: a grape (which I just bought a the grocery store tonight and may or may not have held one up to my belly)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Went to the dr on Friday, I've gained 2 pounds.  That's almost half of my allotted weight for the first trimester.  :(

Maternity Clothes: Pants?  No, but I'll be honest I've started rubber banding it.  Not because I can't button them at all, but it's just more comfortable when I'm sitting to have a little give.  I did try on a shirt last week that I remembered only getting to wear a couple of times with Luke before my belly out grew it.  I thought I might be able to start wearing it and get a lot of use out of it, but I just looked fat not pregnant.  Although, I did wear a new maternity shirt on Sunday that Mom just bought me.  It too was too big, but a strategically placed safety pin and the knowledge that I was gonna wear my jean jacket the whole time made it look okay. 

Gender:  Still itching for a boy.  And I'll probably find out at the sono in January.

Movement: Still waiting!  I pause every day and wait to see if I feel anything, but nothing yet.

Sleep: Allergies have been keeping me up most nights, all night, but the last couple of nights have been better.  I'm gonna put the humidifier on tonight to see if that helps more.

What I miss: Eh, I've been doing okay.

Cravings: At the store I bought some fries and some chili, I already had the cheese.  I'll see if I can make my own chili cheese fries.

Symptoms: Still the boobs, and just nauseous is getting better and better.  With Luke the ONLY symptom I had was painful acne, and I am thinking it's starting to come on.  I've got a place next to my nose that hurts SO BAD and I can't stop touching it. 

Best Moment this week: Seeing my little Flicker at the dr's on Friday!  She did a quick sono because she wasn't sure if she would be able to hear just the heartbeat this early, and I wasn't complaining.  I was THRILLED to see a bigger blob on the screen, and she said (without taking measurements) that it looked about the size of an 8 week (I was still 8 then) pregnancy.  Whoo hoo for growing!  Also, unrelated, just now Luke was calling for me from bed, and when I went in there to see what was wrong he just rubbed his pillow saying Momma?  What a sweet boy who simply wanted me to lay down with him!

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Lucy Marie said...

Gaining two pounds is no big deal. That can be the difference between if you've pooped or not that day :) ... Don't sweat the weight gain. You're a skinny mini, it will all come off in no time. I can't wait to journey through your pregnancy with you. xoxo