Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I've got enough hormones for you and you and you.....

Woof.  What a day.  This morning after breakfast I loaded the boys up for what I was hoping would be a quick errand.  I was already warring the path with my hormones and had gone from "Hey, we've got things to do today!" to "Grrrrrrrrr."  Angry Irritated Pregnant Lady came out from hiding.  It wasn't pretty.  Then, when I got to Walmart to stock up on some burp cloths and onesies to embellish for Saturday I found out that they don't really carry Gerber any more.  Oh, I was so annoyed.  Don't they know how difficult it is to get two children in and out of the car, up to the store, and down to that isle?  Didn't they know I was in a rush because I needed to get to sewing?  Not helping AIPL people.  Not helping at all. 

So we left Walmart with not a one purchase (amazing, right?!) and went down the street to Target.  Thankfully they had what I was looking for (although, later I realized I managed to get different, more expensive, burp cloths than I normally get.  Again, not helping with the AIPL.) I got my burp cloths and onesies, as well as a new maternity top on clearance.  Whoo hoo!  The ole tum tum's not quite ready for shirts of this maternity caliber, but I wore it to church tonight just because I love it.  In fact, I'm gonna ask Cody if there's any extra money for me to go get another one in a different plaid.  LOVE!

By the time we got home it was lunch time then nap time.  For lunch I did not want another sandwich, so  I thought chicken fingers would be nice, and that a heaping side of mac n cheese would be fantastic.  *sigh* Only I realized, staring into the pantry, that I had no more mac n cheese.  20 minutes after coming home from the store.  Here comes AIPL again.  I decided the chili cheese fries from last week would be a good alternative (although, Luke just got the fries, not the chili, and the cheese was one of his cheese sticks put the the grater).  It was good, but sat heavy in the belly.  FINALLY I was able to put the boys down and get to sewing.  I got 3 sets of burp cloths cut and sewn, but that was it.  I had to shower for church, and then there was actual church.  At one point I took a break and watched Parenthood from last night.  I went from Angry Irritated Pregnant Lady to Sobbing Bumbling Pregnant Lady. 

At Wednesday Night Bite they served Frito Pie with a half a baked potato.  Of course there would be chili after I'd had some for lunch!  But the potato was so good I went back for another one (which I kinda regretted during bible class).  Like the tacos last night, this potato was way better than it should have been.

Now we come to real time.  Right now I'm sitting and enjoying a cup of Sugar Plum Spice tea (holy moly it's so good, I'm going in for another cup in a moment) and watching the new Psych.  I'll try and get some more cloths cut before bed, but for now I'm just gonna soothe the hormones. 

Fingers crossed they won't come back tomorrow.

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