Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's a rambling one

I actually sat down here to do this an hour ago.  But then I realized I was super hungry and went to ask Cody to go get me the egg and burrito taquito from Whataburger that I was in dire need of.  *Enter unpleasant descriptive word here* wouldn't go, and being the tired, achy STARVED pregnant woman that I am/was I just snatched up my wallet, slammed the door, and went myself.  I'm super classy when I'm in that kind of mood.  The jokes on him though because when I got there and saw the menu I added biscuits and gravy and a chocolate shake to my order of egg/potato taquito.  When I got home I curled up on the couch, flipped on mindless tv, and scarfed it all down.  The shake didn't quench thirst very well when paired with the picante sauce on the taquito, so I washed it all down with some sparkling cider.  What did I tell you?  I'm just brimming with class.

Now to what I had originally meant to ramble about.

Today I spent ANOTHER day at the sewing machine.  Have you ever been really excited about a project, then half way through realized it was probably way more trouble than it was worth but being the rule following finisher that you are just have to see the project through?  No?  Well, that's what my day was like.  I had this great idea for a notebook cover for Luke that would hold crayons too.  I don't think I've ripped out that many seams on one project in........ever.  I think every seam was done at least twice.  Plus the crayon pockets were a pain to try and get evenly spaced and sized.  My back is hurting again just thinking about it.  The final product is exactly what I had envisioned (which is always satisfying) but I'm not sure it was worth the 6 hours I spent on it. (pictures are of the front, back, inside)

The little button is actually a Levi Jeans button.  Isn't that perfect?  I'm gonna be a little irritated if Luke wants nothing to do with it.  I worked a long time in it, dang it!  Speaking of Luke, the sweet boy just wanted some attention today.  I did stop and rock with him for a little while but that was about it.  Luckily it was a BEAUTIFUL day today with a high of 73, so he was able to play outside barefoot for a long time.  When I wasn't sewing I was doing Cody's ironing.  Did I tell you about our deal?  About 3 weeks ago I got fed up with the state of the top of his closet.  It was super annoying to try and get any of the hangers off and on the rack because he had so much crap hanging over the edge of the shelf.   I told him I wasn't doing any of his ironing until he got it organized.  Remember that one time I said this started 3 weeks ago?  Yeah.  That means for 3 glorious weeks he's been fussing at me every morning because he would have nothing in wearable condition.  It's like he was mystified as to why everything was wrinkled.  And every morning I would gently remind him that all he had to do was organize the top of his closet and I would be more than happy to get all of his clothes ironed.  Every.  Morning.  I  did not back down, I did not give in, and finally this morning he sorted through the pile (which by now was on the floor of our bed room)  and folded the 6 pairs of jeans that were "clean" and "claimed" the rest was "dirty".  But he got the "clean" things folded, so true to my word I ironed all of his clothes today.  That only took 2 hours.  Now are you seeing why my back hurts?!

Tonight there was no dinner at church before bible class, so Dad took Luke and I and Ashley to Shlotzsky's for dinner (Mom had a school Christmas party to go to).  Luke had his fair share of chips thanks to an easy Papa, and I let him have Hi-C to drink and part of a cookie after he ate most of his sandwich.  Apparently that was way to much sugar because when I picked him up from bible class he was RUNNING in circles around the tables and I was told he did that the whole time.  As well as run into the bathroom, close the door, and giggle like a maniac.  Whoops.  Sorry!  Good thing it's my friends who are the teachers and they know my boy.  My generally mild, well mannered (in public) boy.  At least he was stinking cute in his little rugby shirt and Bass Pro camo baseball hat.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great job on the book cover. I'm impressed! :)

~Luke's nana~