Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I call it a fail

This morning I had high hopes for today.  Kayden didn't come today, so I decided it was the perfect morning to take Luke to see Santa.  I told my sister to come over about 9 and we would go out to Bass Pro to get the traditional picture made, but then I didn't wake up until 9.  A miracle, I know.  I went into Luke's room to see what he was doing, and he was just lying there in bed.  Weird.  I got him up (fever free!) and forced him to eat breakfast, which he cried about.  Not sure for how long, seeing as I went to jump in the shower.  We got all ready and by 10 the three of us were ready to leave (and thankfully the boy was in a better mood). 

Just as we were pulling into the parking lot Ashley asked me if I checked the times Santa was going to be there, that she felt like last year we messed it up and was there to early and had to kill time until he showed up.  Oh yeah.  I think that did happen.  Hmmmmmmmm.

Sure enough, we walked in the door and there was a big sign that said the hours for Santa were Monday-Friday 5-8, Saturday and Sunday......something with morning hours.  I didn't pay attention because I was stuck on the fact that it was Monday-Friday and we were WELL before the 5:00 show up time for Santa.  You've got to be kidding me.  Two years in a row I screwed this up.  Two.  Years.  Since there was no way we could kill 6 1/2 hours until Santa time, we looked around the store for a few minutes and then left to take lunch to Mom.  When we got back to my house Ashley stayed with Luke while I went to get the oil changed in my car.  The sticker was long gone, and I have no idea how long it had been.  Seeing that my car is 14 years old and has right under 120,000 miles on it I figured at this point sooner was better than later on something like oil.  So to Walmart I went.  Boooooo.  I just wanted a nap.

Good news.  I got home at 1, put Luke down at 1:30 (where he fell asleep quickly.  I was shocked, I figured he wouldn't nap at all with as late as he slept) and when Ashley fell asleep on my couch I snuck off for a nap of my own.  By 3 I woke up, Ashley was gone, and it was almost time to head back out for Santa round 2.  That's right.  I was trying again all in one day.  Knowing there would be a line and the fact that my kid doesn't stand in line very well, I needed a partner to help me and Ashley had evening plans.  Luckily Mom volunteered for the job and we picked her up on the way back up to Grapevine.  We got there at 4:40 for the 5:00 Santa, and the line was already pretty long. 

This is the point where I'm gonna skip a few details and just say that in the hour we waited to see Santa Luke threw 2 screaming fits, the worker elves screwed up the line system they had going, the stores camera broke for awhile, and folks weren't too jolly around us.  I've spent more pleasant hours in my past.  But we finally made it.  We finally made it to see Santa.  I stuck Luke on Santa's lap, ducked back to take my own picture while the elf took one with the store's fixed camera, and we were on our way.  Then I was handed this.

I waited an hour for this.  I got dizzy and starved and annoyed for this.  It's so bad I just have to laugh to keep from crying.  the picture on my camera is only marginally better. 

Mom was sweet and brought up the fact that we could always bring him back.  I told her I wasn't coming near that place for 365 days.  And I forgot to get my picture with him by another Christmas tree.  I even put on eyeshadow just for the picture.  Oh well.

The only thing that redeemed the day was actually another Santa encounter.  As soon as we got home I put spaghetti on (it was the only thing I could think of that cooks in record time for my empty belly) and then a siren sounded.  It wasn't the tornado siren, there wasn't any clouds out.  It sounded like firemen or police, but it was going off in short intervals.  Then I realized that it WAS the fire department- with Santa!  Luke and I dashed outside and sure enough, there he was!  I think I was more excited than Luke, as I kept squealing "Look baby!  It's Santa!  Santa's come to check on us!  Wave to Santa!  Hi Santa!"  Anyway, I felt like my holiday spirit had been restored after that. 

Until I looked at the picture again anyway.

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Lucy Marie said...

You waited an HOUR? Lame. That stinks ... When I took E there was no one else there.