Monday, December 20, 2010

16 weeks and Christmas Lights

A preview of what's to come:

First off, we'll get the up date out of the way, since nothing too exciting happened this week.

(yes I'm wearing a Valentine's day shirt, but I'm thinking in 2 months it won't fit anymore.  And yes, I'm wearing a short sleeves was a beeeeeeee-autiful 75 degree day.)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 16 weeks

Size of baby: an avocado. Sorry babe, but I ate you for lunch.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Rats.  I was totally at Mom and Dad's tonight and I meant to weigh myself.  Maybe I'll remember Friday when we are over there so I'll have one next week.  Or maybe ignorance is bliss at this time of year.

Maternity Clothes: I'm fully converted in the pants department.  Still 50/50 on the shirts.  Today's shirt was not.

Gender: I can't believe the reveal is only 2 1/2 weeks away!

Movement: Yes!  There have definitely been some fishy movements in there, like a little minnow panicking away from your hand.  I was leaned up against the counter one night doing the dishes and he did not like that!

Sleep: I can tell the knot in my abdomen is growing.  My tummy sleeping days are numbered.  :(

What I miss: Nothing

Cravings: Nothing

Symptoms: Just the boobs, which has lessened this week.  I'm so thankful that my body is gracious towards pregnancy.  I LOVE being pregnant!  I really do!

Best Moment this week: I guess really being able to identify Flicker's movement.  Although, I wish it would pick up!  I lay down and it's almost like I'm willing myself to feel movement.
Okay, now that that's done with I can move on to tonight.  But real quick before I do, I forgot something about yesterday.  When we were at lunch in Sweetwater my uncle ordered Texas Bottlecaps as an appetizer (fried slices of jalapenos ) and of course my starved two year old wanted what everyone else was eating.  Except me, I hate jalapenos.  I told him no REPEATEDLY, that it was too hot, it would hurt his tongue, give his mouth a boo boo, whatever I could to stress that he did not want what was on the table. Finally our food came and I thought that was over with since he had chicken strips.  Well, all of the sudden he starts whimpering and wiping his tongue with his hands.  Sure enough, there was a bottle cap on his plate with a bite out of it, which he had swiped off of Cody's plate.  His eyes watered and he was trying to wipe off the burn with his napkin.  Even drinking half of his milk didn't make it go away any faster.  *sigh*  I tried to warn you and protect you son.  Maybe next time you'll listen.  And I really did feel bad for you as I laughed.
Tonight Mom and Dad and Ashley came and picked up Luke and I, and we headed off to look at Christmas lights.  Mind you, it was still a very comfortable 72 degrees outside even with the sun down.  Mom passes this house ever day on her way home from school, and she was very interested to check it out.  We pulled into some family's yard, parked, and walked around. 
They had creepy wise men.

A little village.

More blow up displays that I've seen in awhile.

A light show set to music. (okay, you can't really get a picture of that.)
And their very own Santa.

It was....interesting.  And I'm sure we'll be back next year.  I am glad to carry on this tradition with my children though.  Ashley and I vividly remember every year we would pile into a car with Grandmother and Poppy (Dad's parents) and go all over town at 10 miles an hour looking at the light displays.  It's those kind of traditions that really stick with you, and now is the time in Luke (and Flickers!) life to start them!

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