Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sickie boy

This morning was my first week of teaching Luke's bible class!  It went pretty well, I was impressed with myself and my "helpers" (who are actually the couple that normally teaches the 2's in the winter, but they are letting me take the reigns this quarter).  One thing I did learn though....teaching two year olds is very different from teaching kindergartners.  A couple of times, out of habit, I would stop in the middle of the bible story and ask a comprehension question like "What was baby Jesus' mom's name?" and they just stared at me with blank faces.  If they were staring at me at all.  There was one lying on the floor.  One looking out the door.  One trying to play with the kid next to him.  Eh.  Whateves.  I think in the 50 minutes we had them we drove home the fact that "God so loved the world" (the verse for this week) and baby Jesus being born was a very happy thing.  It was cute though, I started out the story with the question "Do any of you know a baby?" thinking the three of them that had baby siblings at home would name them.  Nope.  One little girl (who DOES have a baby sister!) said "baby Jesus".  Can't argue with that.  Girlfriend already has the 'church' answer down. 

After that it all went down hill.  Sitting in service Luke climbed into my lap, where he eventually fell asleep.  What?!  I can place BIG MONEY on the fact that he hasn't fell asleep in my lap since he was 8 months old.  No exaggeration.  He felt a little warm to the touch, but I'm not really a good judge of a fever in that way because the kid is always hot to me.  I take his temp every few days because the back of my hand says his forehead is feverish and it never is.  Plus it was warm in the auditorium and he was wearing a long sleeve shirt and a sweater. But when he fell asleep I knew something was up.  I packed up the cars he had scattered down the pew and snuck out early (which was a bummer because the Spanish congregation was cooking us a homemade Mexican lunch of tamales and beans and rice and hot sauce and queso.  And when I say homemade, I mean every bit of it was from scratch.)   I got home and took his temperature- one ear was 100.9 and one ear was 102.0.  The hotter ear was the one leaned up against me while he slept so I didn't give him meds and just put him in bed.

Wrong choice.  Thirty minutes later he woke up with 102.4 in both ears.  I was lying down myself, so Cody gave him Tylenol all by himself.  I was so thankful he did it!  I HATE giving him medicine, the way that he chokes it down makes me panic about puke and I always mess it up.  Cody is so much better at that stuff.  Within 20 minutes Luke was up running around, although his temp was only down in the 101's.  I put on a movie so he would just sit with me, and we cuddled all through Cars.  A few hours later I could tell his temp was spiking again, fast, because suddenly he got goose bumpy, shivery, and droopy eyed.  It went up to 103.9 before Cody could get Motrin in him.  Poor baby.  During this Cody also cooked me some dinner since I was feeling a little droopy myself.  So nice! 

So it wasn't the Sunday I was expecting, and I'm hoping tomorrow we are fever free.  Or if we have to have a fever still, I'm hoping that he has no other symptoms like he did today.  I texted Kayden's mom about the fever, saying I didn't mind Kayden coming at all but I thought she might like to know what was going on.  She said she was getting a sub.  I feel bad, but a temp that high in a one year old is way more dangerous!  It actually crossed my mind that I am so glad he is older now where when he gets this stuff it's not quite as scary as when he was younger.  Just a little.  But not much.

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Haley said...

So sorry Luke is feeling sick, but better now than on Christmas right?! As for class, even 2 year olds will benefit from checking for understanding every 2-3 minutes. (Teach something new, review it within minutes).