Saturday, December 11, 2010


Today was a mite better than yesterday.  A mite.  It helped that we weren't home just a whole lot. 

It did start at 7 though.  I guess that's what I get for sticking Luke in bed early last night.  I heard him playing in the living room at first, then move to the computer room (which is supposed to be off limits) so I herded him back into his room and then climbed back into bed.  Not sure if he got back in bed or not, but I do know that for an hour all I heard was 'Moooooooooom.   Moooooooooom.  Moooooooom."  And then it turned into a song that went "Momma!  Daddy!  Momma!  Daddy!" where the first syllable of the word was a note or two higher than the second half of the word.  Finally at 9 I gave up the ghost and made him breakfast.  I tried to rest a tad longer while he ate, but YEAH RIGHT LADY!  Luke didn't like that. 

Eventually I got us dressed and we headed out for a couple of errands.  Oh my word, getting myself dressed this morning was excruciating.  Finally after 20 minutes of just standing in the closet trying to pick out a shirt I said (out loud) "It's Target!  This shouldn't be that difficult!"  Then spent 10 more minutes before throwing on a shirt of Cody's and huffing off.  All of my normal shirts are a bit short (I couldn't find my black belly band and my white one was dirty) and all of my maternity shirts are so baggy.  Bah. 

Finally we were on our way, and I didn't even make it to Target.  We ran into Kohl's, and then just to the grocery store because I didn't want to drive all the way over to the big red bull's eye.  Got home, had lunch, and it was nap time all around.  Have I mentioned how hard it's been for me to feel rested?  Luke was up by 3, and I wasn't ready, so I made Cody get up (he was STILL IN BED FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE.)  I stayed in bed until 4:15 when I decided I better get up and shower.  Luke and I were going to a friend's house tonight for a white elephant gift exchange party, and I still had to make my side dish (that's all people brought to eat was sides, and it was so good!) and wrap the present.  I took......a clear dish that had snowman fabric modge podged to the back of it and a snowman hot pad.  It  had been a gift from a student my last year of teaching, and I'd stuck it away just for such an occasion.  I just can't believe it's taken so long! 

Anyway, we had a great time at the party.  I have no idea what Luke ate, whether it was the plate of food I made him, other people's food, or random crumbs thrown on the ground, but I do know he thoroughly enjoyed a little red train for most of the night in the living room.  I had a great time with my girlfriends in the kitchen visiting around the table.  At the gift exchange I just happened to open a present that contained a pink baby photo album.  Great.  I hope none of you read into signs. 

When I got home I tossed Luke into a quick bath and then bed with no story, so I could enjoy the fire that Cody built for me.  That's right, my first fire in our house!  We've lived here three years, and I've always begged for a fire.  Last year I even went so far as to buy a little bundle of wood at the grocery store and it's sat in my garage for the past 12 months.  Tonight it's all gone.  And my feet are warm.  Now that it's dead, I'm off to one more cheesy tv show with a cup of tea before hitting the sheets.  I've got my second round of teaching 2 year olds bible stories in the morning!

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