Thursday, October 3, 2013


Sunday afternoon my girlfriends threw me the sweetest shower at Sara's house. Lots of ladies from church came, Jacob's mom was able to make it, and we even had a couple of police men show up.
The three of us are due mere weeks from each other. Brandy (middle) had baby Kate yesterday, Elyse will be here in a week and a half, and Tamara (right) will have her baby by the end of the month. She didn't find out what kind of baby it is, so we are all placing bets on that one!

My momma, me, and Jacob's momma- the grandmothers

Ashley came too, of course. Seeing as Jacob is an only child, she's the only auntie that Elyse will have!

These girlies were not only all my hostesses, but each one is a dear friend of mine. I am so blessed to be able to do life with these ladies!
Hey, remember that one time I said the police showed up? Twice? Here's the proof. And this one is the second one. Sara got him to sign in on the baby book AND on Elyse frame mat that is now hanging above her bed, as well as take this picture. Please excuse my awkward neck.
Okay, okay. The police were called by the neighbor because people kept parking on their lawn, but still, we had a giant laugh about it. And I may or may not have asked the first one where his boom box was. Who says church ladies can't have a good time?!
Monday at lunch, the office threw a little shower for us. It was super sweet. There are finally two other ladies in the office besides just Carrie and I, and that totally helped balance out the numbers. Ha! One of the girls took great pains to make sure I got the food, cake, and d├ęcor that I wanted.

Jacob and I. I know, I know, have we even met before? Unfortunately, lately that seems to be true. It's such a weird feeling to be growing a part from the person you're about to have a BABY with.

More presents!
No matter the state of our relationship, it's clear that Elyse is one loved little girl. I've been so thankful for all of the support offered by the various groups of people in my life.

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