Friday, October 4, 2013

Ranger game and food

This past weekend was a busy one. Friday night there wasn't any small group, and Grandy had come into town, so we went over to Mom and Dad's to eat dinner. The kids had some of their chocolate almond milk ice cream after their hamburgers, and I think a certain little girl rather enjoyed her bowl.
And people wonder why I always strip her down before she eats.
Saturday had a really good original plan. Luke's tee ball pictures were at 11 before his 12:00 game, then he was supposed to go home with Mom and Dad to eat and take a nap before they all headed out to the Ranger game that night. It was the whole reason Grandy came to town. Unfortunantly a big rain storm was predicted and the Ranger game got moved from 7 to 11.
Yep. Right when his pictures were. So, Ashley, Dad, and Grandy left early to head to the game, and Mom met me at the pictures to whisk Luke away as soon as they were done. He had to miss his own game, but I think 1 out of 10 ain't bad.
They made it to see the Rangers play the last half of the game, but I'm pretty sure Luke was more excited about the cotton candy than he was about the actual baseball that was going on.
That's being 5 for you.
He was a little bummed that I wasn't going with them, but the thought of trying to entertain an active 2 year old at the stadium did. not. sound appealing. I stayed home with my girl, who (coincidently) tried to eat me out of house and home.
That empty plate was her third meal of the day and it wasn't even 1:00 yet.
I've told you about Sunday's shower, Monday night was another tee ball game for Luke. Since Grandy didn't get to watch Luke's game Saturday morning, we convinced him to stay an extra day and come to his game Monday night.
I think everyone was glad he did.
The rest of this week has just kinda past by. I've finally gotten all but one thing checked off the "Before Elyse is born" to do list.

Remember Evan's door hanging I made while I waited for her to show up? I finally figured out a way to fix it to show that it's not just Evan's room any more. Whoo hoo! (it says "Evan" on the top row, and I changed the bottom row from Elaine to "& Elyse")

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