Friday, October 11, 2013

The waiting game

Just so you know, I'm still pregnant. Waiting for a baby to come is so frustrating. I wouldn't say hardest thing ever, I've gone through much worse, but frustrating does come to mind. We all know patience is probably the quality I'm most lacking.

Those stupid hospital bags sit in the corner of my room, taunting me. Just like I knew they would. I take my make up out each morning, then put it right back in. Same with my phone charger- it comes out at night while I charge my phone then right back in when I make the bed in the morning. Although, somehow for almost two weeks I forgot that I'd need an outfit for myself to come home in, so I finally put a change of real clothes in there (as opposed to just pj's). I think it's worse at night. Every time I wake up to go to the bathroom it's the thought of "is this it?!" but nope. I always manage to go back to sleep and wake up again a couple of hours later not in labor and do it all over again.  THANK GOODNESS I know that it's over for real on Monday. Knowing that this could, theoretically, go on for another two to three weeks would just be torture.

At least this past week hasn't just been dragging. That's one benefit to being so busy. Last Friday night at small group all of the kids decided to dress up as various super heroes.

The fact that the Raymond's have this many costumes to begin with should be a testament to the extent of their play room. Don't ask me why Luke looks like he hates life in this picture. I think he thought he looked tough.

Saturday we went to breakfast with the family, froze to death at Luke's tee ball game, then went to a birthday party, all within the hours of 9:30-1:30. Sunday afternoon/evening we took it easy and stayed home. I ended pulling out an old sheet so we could have a picnic while eating dinner that night.

You can't tell how old and hideous this sheet is, but it's been well loved. For a large part of my childhood every Friday night my mom would pull out this exact sheet to lay down on the carpet in the living room, would order pizza, and we'd get to have a "picnic" while watching TGFI. (do you remember those shows?!) This was super special for several reasons- 1.) We were not allowed to eat in the living room EVER 2.) We weren't allowed to watch tv while eating 3.)Pizza was a special occasion food.  So, I probably enjoyed my picnic with MY kids on Sunday night a little more than they did. Sure, it was spaghetti instead of pizza (and now the sheet has some Evan-induced stains), Mary Poppins instead of TGIF, and Sunday instead of Friday, but the family time was still there. And it's something I hope that we can do more of to create the same memories.
This week was a typical week. Monday night we were actually at home, Tuesday night the kids were with their dad, Wednesday night was church, and last night Luke had tee ball practice. It was mainly to focus on batting, so Dad took Luke to help him one-on-one, and Mom, Ashley, Evan and I went shopping and to dinner. A girl's night before we add another girl to the table. Tonight there is no small group (house cleaning night- what what!) and tomorrow Luke is supposed to have a game, but it's also supposed to rain. Sunday is Tamara's shower in between church services and then Monday it's baby day! I'll post pictures ASAP!

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