Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thirty eight weeks

How Far Along:  Thirty eight weeks (um, for whatever reason the numeral eight key isn't working on my laptop). I can't believe this is the end! A week from tomorrow I'll be going in for an induction. So, even though it doesn't feel like this pregnancy will ever end, the hours are limited where I get to take my girl everywhere I go, feel her every move, protect her from the world.
Size of baby: Size of a pumpkin- length is about 19.5 inches and 7 lbs.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Last week at the dr I was up to 137, so I'm guessing I'll be up one more pound tomorrow when I go in for my weekly appointment.

Maternity Clothes: Hopefully it's almost time to get out of them!
Gender: Girl. Still a girl.
Movement: Giant baby is still moving a ton. She feels so long and low that when I sit down it's like her shoulder blades are in my hips, and there are feet in my rib cage. She rolls, jabs, hiccups, and is a real baby in there.
Sleep: Terrible. It's painful to move, to lay, to stand up. I wake up 4-5 times a night and then have a hard time going back to sleep.
What I miss: Feeling skinny. And sleeping.
Cravings: Nothing.
Symptoms: I'm uncomfortable all the time. Skin is stretched, muscles are stretched, ligaments are stretched, my back hurts, my legs hurt. Sleep has gone by the wayside (I've napped both days this weekend) and my hormones have made me emotional and completely out of patience. But in looking at those pictures down below of comparing Elyse at 37 weeks to Evan at 37 weeks, Elyse doesn't look nearly as big as her sister was.
Best Moment this week: The whole family is ready for Elyse to get here! Evan says at least once a day "Baby needs to come out and pway wif us!". And remember how on the last update I posted that when the dr checked me I was nothing on top of nothing in regards to labor progression? Last week when my dr checked me again, I was at a 3 and eighty percent effaced. This means I won't have to go in next Sunday night to get started on the induction, I can wait until Monday morning to go in! Whoo hoo!
Evan at 37 weeks
 Elyse at 37 weeks

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