Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Brand New

My sweet baby girl-

Yesterday you were a week old. A week. 7 days you've been a part of our crazy family. And so far you've done splendidly.

 Your friend Kate who is only a week and a half older than you!

I was given the choice to stay in the hospital till Wednesday with you, or bring you home right after your 24 hour check up. I chose to bring you home Tuesday. I was ready for our little life to begin together. You, little girl, are so loved in this family. Your brother and sister can't get enough of you. I don't know how many times I say a day "Get out of the baby's face!" and "Please don't touch Elyse!" because they are so in awe of you. When you fuss, Luke comes over and speaks soothing words to tell you that Momma is coming and that it's okay. Evan pats you adoringly and kisses you where ever she can get close enough to.

Tuesday morning before we came home

You have not only had magical effects on your siblings, but on your daddy as well. For a guy who has not ever been very affectionate, he is so wrapped around your finger it is not even funny. It does not take much for his papa bear side to come out when you are concerned. For a guy who'd never even so much as looked at a diaper, he's become quite the diaper changer and didn't even flinch when you puked all over me last night and he helped clean it up. Your angry cat cry makes him move faster than I've ever seen- and I've seen him play hockey. The phrase "cutest baby I've ever seen in my life" and "hello beautiful" come out of his mouth frequently. Having you curled up on his chest has made several bad moods disappear. Elyse, don't ever think that your daddy doesn't love you.

As for me? Oh my girl. My littlest heart. I find it amazing that a third time now a little person can have my whole heart. The math doesn't add up, but it's surely there. I try and just sit with you several times a day, studying your tiny face, because I know the painful truth that this doesn't last long. You will continue to grow each day and my perfect newborn will grow into a beautiful little girl. You are such a sweet cuddler! I sure hope you stay that way- neither your brother nor your sister really enjoy a good snuggle, but I still have my hopes for you!

So what are you up to these days? Well, not much. Mostly the cliché eat-sleep-poop. You nurse a consistent every two hours at night, but tend to sleep in longer intervals during the day and are a bit more sporadic with your feedings then too. You stay awake for about 45 minutes in the morning and the same at some point in the evening, but then you are back out. Even when you eat, you are mostly asleep. While you haven't been to church yet (Sunday is the day!) you have been to a tee ball game, the store, out to eat a couple of times, and to a baby shower. And yes, you slept through it all. You don't really like paci's. Ashley finally brought you some Soothie paci's, and IF you take anything at all, it's that for a few seconds. Also- random- you are the most active sleeper. I don't know what kind of dreams you could be having, but its very apparent that they are crazy ones. You wear size newborn in clothes and diapers, but really you need preemie size in both. Everything swallows you, my petite little girl!

The day you came home from the hospital, in the dress your sister and I both wore when we came home.

You've had a couple of baths (although no pictures to prove it. boo.) and you seemed to enjoy them. And by "enjoy" them, I mean "didn't cry or scream through the process". And Sister- what a cry you have. Mostly it sounds like a mad cat. It's loud. It's angry. And it's loud. Did I mention you are loud? But it's okay. I love you more than you will ever know and an angry cat never scared me away.

Little Leesee Ann, please don't grow up too fast. Please lets take this maternity leave slower than it's been so far. I already dread the day I go back to work. I'm thankful that I know you are going to be put in such loving hand while I'm away, but still. I hate that it's not me.

Love you so much baby girl! Until next month....
Your momma

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