Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Room Revealed

I know it's only been a year since I redid my room, but it's actually already gone through a bit of a shift in the last couple of months. When the rooms got switched and combined and revamped, there was just no where to put the rocking chair next to the crib. I couldn't get rid of it though because...newborn! rocking! Plus that rocking chair had been used in Luke's nursery as well, so how could I not rock my last baby in the same chair as her brother and sister? Since Elyse will be sleeping in my room until she can sleep through the night, I put the rocker in my room.
Yep. You read that right. I have finally broken down and am going to let a newborn sleep in the same room as me. ON. PURPOSE.
I know. I'm the girl who stopped using a monitor after two weeks because the baby was still too noisy.
Come on people. It's sleep when sleep is a precious commodity. And I can hear a baby crying down the short hall that is between my room and theirs just as well as I can through a monitor next to my head. Swearsies.
But, I cringe at the thought of trying to keep a newborn that is up every couple of hours next to a 2 year old who, albeit sleeps very heavily, was trying to rest. Plus there is the middle of the night diaper changes, (heaven help me) sheet changes, and of course feedings that could potentially disturb Big Sister.
So. To accommodate a cradle in my already cramped room, I moved the sewing machine out to the garage (*sad face*) temporarily and put the bookshelf on another wall. It's actually not terrible!  I've been sewing on the computer desk in the living room, and have learned I don't really need the closet door to swing all the way open.

The last big change you'll notice is... the bed frame! I've been itching for a new bed frame for a long time, but obviously have not been in a place to be able to get one. Until. Until I saw my friend Niki put one up on an online garage sale forum, and knew that it was perfect. It's black iron, and I LOVE it. It flows so well with what I've done with the rest of the place. It wasn't terrible to switch out either. I got Jacob to go with me to pick it up, then he and Luke put it together for me. You should have seen how proud Luke was to get to be the helper.

This little shelf is one I took from Jacob's house and painted it with leftover paint from the dresser and nightstand. One of the things I have on my tiny tiny registry are little storage cubes that will fit inside. I figured I'd need a place for a few jammies (we all know how newborn sized diapers leak), diapers, wipes, and burp cloths.

On the end of the bed is one of the blankets I've made for Elyse. It's just voile cotton on one side (with ruffles added. I couldn't help myself) and minky on the other. I'll probably end up tossing this one on the couch after she's done with it, I love it that much!

So now she's up to three blankets that I've made for her (chenille, minky, and minky). I know, I should probably stop. As long as I don't find any more lovely fabric that is just begging to be used for something.

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