Monday, September 2, 2013

Chenille Blanket

So way back a couple of years ago, I found a tutorial for an heirloom chenille blanket that I wanted to try out for the next friend that was pregnant. I never got around to making it for anyone, and it's probably a good thing because GOOD LORD did this blanket take more than I expect.

First it took a lot of supplies: 5 yards of fabric (1 1/4 yards of four different colors- 1 print, 3 flannels), two packages of bias tape for binding, 3 spools of thread (two for the lines, one coordinating the binding), and the chenilling tool.

Second of all, it took a lot of time. A. LOT. I don't think I've ever spent longer than two days on anything that I've made. The last project that took awhile was the car seat cover, and it was only a weekend ordeal. When I read the tutuorial, she said that it took her several hours to sew the channels across the entire thing, and I was thinking "They are straight lines! How could that take several hours and two spools of thread?!" Oh no. She was right. I estimate it took me about 6 hours to sew all the lines. I don't have 6 hours. I do, however, have 30 minutes here, 45 minutes there. Hence the reason it took me a solid week to sew this. Plus she said it took her about 30 minutes to cut the channels of flannel, where it probably took me about 2 hours. Plus, three different times I somehow managed to jump the stitching and cut through it, which made some pretty big boo boos, but I got them fixed (kinda).

Also before I started, I read a lot of the links in her comments of people who had tried it. Thankfully I read one where the girl talked about how it created a lot of fuzz and she was right! I'm so glad I knew to wash and dry it by itself. My washing machine had to be wiped out and the lint trap was completely full on the dryer.

One last thing- I found out I'm not so good at binding. Ha! I need to practice!

But it did turn out lovely. I can tell it will be really warm. Not sure if it will really be softer than the minky blankets I've made, but it will be cozy. Hopefully something Elyse will love for years to come!

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