Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting Ready for Baby, part 1

It's a well known fact that I made most everything for Evan when I was pregnant with her. Heck. It's even got it's own label. And while there are a few things that can be reused for Elyse (a plus in making all those burp cloths with just an 'e' on them!), there were a few things that were going to need to be made new. 

The first thing I realized was a new nursing cover.  I loved the nursing cover that I'd made for Evan. I loved it so much, that last year when I redid my bedroom I turned it into a pillow for my bed. 

So. A new one was in order. I'd also learned some things from making the last one. I didn't want to make a border, it was messy from the back and hard to piece.  I wanted it lined because this is a winter baby. And finally, I didn't want the boning in the top to make it "easier" to see down in like the ones you buy have. It turned out the weight of the boning weighed the cotton down and ended up flashing more people than helping with privacy. Plus when you folded it up to put it back in the diaper bag, the corners of the boning eventually wore little holes in the fabric.

Another thing I wanted to make for Elyse was some blankets all of her own. With Evan being a summer girl, the blankets I made were cotton and one has her name on it. (me? put Evan's name on something? never.)  This time I wanted to make something a little warmer, which calls for minky. Minky is the biggest pain to work with, it slides everywhere, bunches up, and sheds like a snow storm, but once it's finished it's so soft and warm.

The third thing I've made so far is the car seat cover. (It's what took all weekend in the last post)  Imma level with you. I've always thought these were dumb. I've never had a cover before, I've never thought they were necessary. Why would you not want people to see your baby? Are you so afraid of germs that you have to hide her away like that?

Once again, my naivety from having two summer babies came through. It hit me one morning that I will have a new infant right as the temps are dropping, and while blankest do fine for her body, that sweet little face would be blasted every time we stepped outside. I suddenly found the appeal of the car seat cover (now don't get me wrong. when I see people using them now in 100+ heat I still think they are crazy). I made mine with a minky underside and ruffles. Come on. You didn't really think that I of all people would just have a plain car seat cover, did you? It was hard enough to just finish the blanket without adding any detail!

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