Monday, July 29, 2013

VBS and Evan's weekend

Last week was VBS for my big boy. On Monday when I told him he was going, he was a little concerned about me dropping him off somewhere and not staying with him. This, coming from the boy who's gone to a baby sitter for the last two years, gone to preschool for the last two years, bible class for his whole life, and went to VBS last year. Sometimes I wonder at his thought process. I just laughed and told him there would be lots of people, all of his friends, and that I have never (nor would I ever) dropped him off at an empty building and driven away. Of course he had a blast. That first night he got to say the closing prayer in front of everyone- I'm talking over 200 people. What a proud Momma moment.

Tuesday morning he was a little shocked that he had to go back, but of course he loved it still. Tuesday was also the day I decided to head to Lowe's and pick up some of the items that Evan had broken around the house.

Yes, that is a toilet seat. I don't know how she managed it, but she did. Or at least Luke said it was her and not him. I'm more than willing to bet he's right, though. I swear I stood on the potty isle for 10 minutes trying to remember the shape of our toilets. Are they round? Are they elongated? This is something we use multiple times a day. Why was is so hard to imagine what it looked like? Finally I just picked one (as you can see, I picked elongated) knowing that which ever one I chose would be wrong. And yep. I got home and FYI we have round toilets.
Wednesday morning Evan decided to dress her self while I was putting on make up.
From this direction, the outfit wasn't too bad. Colors actually semi-work, if you can get past the clash of prints. Unfortunately the shirt is on backwards and you can't see the elephant and turquoise bird. A quick change of shirts and she still got to wear "her" outfit. She also decided to practice another new skill in the car.
What a proud day for us both.

Thursday night we had to hustle dinner before taking Luke for his final VBS night (which started at 6:30), so I just took them to Schlotzsky's for a quick bite.

I totally had one of those Mom moments where I looked across the table and couldn't believe how lucky I was to have such perfect little loves in my life.  *gushed*

Thursday was "family" night, so I got to stay at VBS and watch them perform the program they'd practice.

Friday night Jacob's mom and stepdad came over. They'd met the kids before, but Mom had offered to have us all over for dinner. Yep. You read that right.

My family.

His family.


I had them come over to my house first, so they would know where I lived, could see Elyse's room, and (hopefully) feel more comfortable about coming over once she's here. Then we went over to Mom and Dad's for dinner. I wasn't nervous. I was just acutely aware of the potential for awkward. Jacob and I are not together. The only thing this whole group of people had in common was the baby in my belly. But you know what? It wasn't at all. Our parents all hit it off, and blessedly the kids were well behaved. Evan was the life of the party (what else would she be?) and Luke was charming in all of his 5 year old boy ways. Jacob and I left about 8:30 to take the kids home for bed/bath, and his parents even stayed a bit longer to visit. That's what I'd call success!

Saturday morning I took the kids swimming, and we stayed until Sister friend looked like this.

Saturday night was our friend Jack's 3rd birthday, and Sunday was church as usual. I'd tried to put this blue outfit on her last Sunday and had mistakenly started with the pants. She told me right away she didn't like it, so off they came and I put her in a dress. I pulled the same outfit out yesterday, and immediately she looked at it and said "No, I no wike dat one." But I changed her diaper and stuck the top on her anyway. She stood up, looked down and said "Ooooooo! I wook cute! I wuv it!"

Lord have mercy.

Then while I gathered our things to leave, she decided she didn't want to wear the bow I'd put in her hair and needed a headband on. The only newborn sized headband on her board. By the time we got to church, she looked like this.

The sass. It kills.

Then Sunday after noon I put her down for a nap in just a diaper. She emerged from nap like this.

Except under those jammies was no diaper, and her bed was wet. Boo. Never the less, I scurried us out the door so we could go to the water park with plenty of time before it closed at 6. I'd say that was a very good weekend indeed.

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