Sunday, July 7, 2013

Special day and Luke's actual birthday

I think I'm almost done catching up! Last I left off was the kids' joint birthday party, which was Thursday the 26th. Friday night skipped out on small group (eek!) to go watch Jacob play soccer. I thought maybe seeing an actual game would change Luke's mind about playing tee ball again, but later when I asked which one he'd pick, he stuck with tee ball. Although, one of the players did come talk to him after the game, and he were quick to tell them he'd played soccer before. Ha!

 Getting the day started with muffins at Corner Bakery

Saturday morning (the 29th) was the start of Luke and I's special day to make up for the one he thought he was getting that past Monday he actually had surgery on. We dropped Evan off at Mom and Dad's about 8:30, then headed to his favorite new place to eat breakfast- Corner Bakery.

 fountains outside of Corner Bakery

After CB we walked around the fountains for a few minutes before heading off to catch a train. Didn't have any real schedule or place to go, but he's been begging to ride trains for forever, so a train we rode. We caught the A-train to Carrollton, then got off and switched to the Greenline train up to the next stop. We got off, walked around Old Town Carrollton for a little while, going in shops. I promise this is what he wanted to do! We did find this little rock shop. That was fun. I was obsessed with rocks as a kid, so it was fun to watch him pour over a little geology. Then we went back to the train station and just rode the train to ride it, before finally turning around and heading home.

(fountains, wanting to get down on the track so bad, me and my boy riding the train, and watching the world go by)

The only problem with coming home was we were going to have to wait an hour and half for the A-train to come back and take us to our car once we got back to the connecting station. So what's a girl to do when she's stranded? Call her daddy of course. Dad came and picked us up and took us back to the car so we could go swimming. We ran home, downed some PB&J's, then headed to the pool for an hour and a half. We had such limited time because Mom and I had already made the kids appointments to get their 2 and 5 year pictures made at 4/4:30.

(sonic drink after swimming!)
I had such a good day with my boy. Such a fun way to also get his 5th birthday celebration started. His actual birthday was the next day, Sunday. I'd wanted to make muffins for breakfast, his favorite, but had a total mom fail when I realized that morning I didn't have enough eggs. So I made a birthday exception and told him we could get dressed for church really fast and go get donuts. Get this. He said he'd rather just have a cereal bar. Yep. I'm doing something right!! Ha!

(putt putt with a 5 year old strongly resemble field hockey)

(he got stuck at the top, Ashley had to climb up and slide down with him. I just laughed)

(my girlie loved it all too)

 (Luke driving himself...)

  (and Luke riding with Nana. I couldn't do the go carts due to a certain little Lyssie-girl) 

We went to church, where his dad came early to pick him up. They went and had their time while we lunched and Evan napped, then it was time for family party! We went to Mom and Dad's for hamburgers, then to the go-cart place. We played putt putt, jumped in bounce houses, and he must have driven (and rode some) in the go carts at least 5 times. Then it was back to Mom and Dad's for cake and presents.

I THINK he had a good day!

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