Monday, July 15, 2013

26 weeks

How Far Along: 26 weeks

Size of baby: size of an cucumber- about a 14 inches and 1 2/3 lbs

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I don't know. As usual. My guess would be 125?

Maternity Clothes: Yes. You've seen me, right?

Gender: Elyse Ann is on her way!
Movement: Oh yes. And I think she's gotten her first (feelable) case of the hiccups the other day. Lots of movement, and not in one specific area, so that tells me she's still got plenty of room to maneuver around in there.
Sleep: We're on the downward slope, folks. I'm up to about 3 pillows in bed. I have started waking up to roll over and my hips ache when I'm in one position too long. Not to mention Missy Lou likes to throw herself a party when I lay down.
What I miss: Not grunting every time I bend over. I don't mean to. It just happens.
Cravings: None this week. I've been good.
Symptoms: Thankfully the Braxton Hicks have slowed down some, I've only had a couple total, as opposed to a couple a day. My patience has been wearing thin though. :( My poor kids.
Best Moment this week: Luke and I were sitting on the couch a couple of nights ago just talking before he went to bed and Elyse was kicking up a storm. I put his hand on my belly, and you should have seen the smile on his face when he felt her. He tried to keep talking to me as we sat there, but I could tell when he felt her because he'd get distracted and stop what he was saying! Now he asks me if she's moving, if she's sleeping, and just this morning why God sent her to our family. I don't think he meant that in a bad or jealous way at all, just childlike curiosity. He's also loved watching me make things for her, exclaiming over all the fabric about how much she will love it, how much she'll be surprise, how pretty it all is. My sweet sweet boy.
Not that Evan doesn't care or isn't sweet, she's just 25 months old. But every bit as darling. And I'm getting so excited that I get to recycle her wardrobe! This is what she wore to church two weeks ago...
And what she wore to church yesterday....
Yes, her baby has on exact replicas of her outfits. And yes, that is the second dress I'd put on her yesterday. I'd like to not discuss the little pot of white facial highlighting powder she spilt ALL. OVER. herself 5 minutes before church yesterday. Or how everything on me and in the bathroom still carries a nice shimmering sheen.
And also for the record, Saturday morning I took the kids to the pool for an hour and a half, then came home and got started on a sewing project. It literally took me the entire rest of the weekend, but I'm so pleased with how it turned out. More on that later!

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Jaclyn_Rose said...

I think Luke is going to be interested in this baby more than you think!