Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sew it up

So going back and looking at all of those baby baby pictures of Evan has made me super excited for Elyse to get here. Not that I wasn't before, of course, but seeing the leeeeetle baby Evan made me remember how sweet and snuggly newborns are and yay for getting that again soon!
Another thing I was busy with this past weekend was sewing. I made Elyse a couple of gowns for the hospital and obviously I couldn't help matching something for Evan. Believe me, I thought about making Luke one too, but I thought the purple floral might make it a giant mistake. (see, I really do love you Son!)
The first gown I made a few weeks ago. It took forever to try and find a plain white gown, I finally had to order one off Amazon. Which was frustrating because I literally spent as much in shipping as I did the gown its self. I LOVE how they turned out though! The flowers on the beanie are actually detachable, when I made it I put an alligator clip on the back so it can later be put on a headband or clipped straight into their hair. I'm hoping that the beanie fits Elyse better than the beanie I'd gotten Evan for when she was in the hospital. Girlfriend was a huge baby and the hat was still 2 sizes too big.

Because it's me, I couldn't help but put a little sumpin sumpin on the back for my girls.
Another thing I made was a diaper clutch for my purse. I know I'll only use this for a few months until I switch back to the diaper bag, but it's handy now, and I can use it in a year or so after I'm done with the diaper bag. I didn't use a pattern or measurements or anything, and apparently I'll never learn.
Trying to get the wipes case to fit properly was a GIANT pain, and consequently will probably shorten the lifespan of the product, but it's done for now. If I make another one it could be a little shorter and a bit more wide, but I'm rolling with it. Plus it looks pretty in my purse amidst all the Vera Bradley.

If you look carefully there is a VB wristlet, iPad cover, and checkbook cover in there. Normally I've got a little VB cosmetic bag too, but it somehow got taken out and replaced by a little plastic cup?
I don't know. Life with kids I guess. But on the plus side, I drop my keys down into the cup and they don't get lost, so....I'd say that's winning.

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Jaclyn_Rose said...

Umm I need that diaper clutch!!