Monday, July 8, 2013

You are 5

My precious boy. Last Sunday you turned 5, and I just couldn't believe it.  I remember when you were born thinking that 5 seemed so far away, that I just couldn't picture my perfect baby as a 5 year old BOY, and that surely it would take forever to get here.

Yet here we are, and I'm pretty sure that was yesterday. 

These last 5 years have completely changed my life in every single aspect. You have taught me to be patient (okay, maybe I'm still learning). You have taught me to love something greater than myself. You have taught me unbridled joy and true delight. I can't imagine my life without buckets full of Hot Wheels, air planes, and having train books memorized. Where would I be without my daily "What fast cars did you see today?" "Did you see any trains?" "What kind of plane is your favorite?" questions? I can guarantee that at any given moment I have a small car within arm's reach- they are in my purse. They are in the couch. They sometimes appear in my pillow at night.

You are my independent boy who doesn't need much. You are, as always, so content to play on your own, do your own thing, not worry about the crowd around you. Every now and then I see the pang of disappointment of being left out, which tears at my heart, but you are so quick to move on and do what you want to do. I have always been able to let you be, never needing to hover or be untrusting.

The down side to your "I'll just do my thing" attitude? The respect issue. Oh my love. I couldn't love you more, but sometimes your attitude and your level respect is something left to be desired. Don't worry, we work on it constantly. And I tell you that the reason I want you to try it again is so that you will grow up to be a good, kind, and respectful man. That's always been my second biggest prayer for you (first, being that you always follow your Lord and let Him lead your life to things so much bigger than you).

So what are you up to? Well, you love to have conversations. I figured when I was so adamant about getting you speech therapy when you were 2 it would come back to bite me, and sure enough, here we are. You still love your planes, trains, and automobiles, and you are learning to love swimming (mostly the "going under water" part). You are 39ish lbs last I heard (I'm not taking you or your sister for your well checks until I'm on maternity leave in October) and while technically you could be starting kindergarten in the fall, I've prayerfully decided to hold you back another year. You'll be starting Jr. Kindergarten at LCS in the fall, and every single person I've told has told me it's not a decision I'll ever regret. I hope that one day you'll realized that having an extra year to grow and mature, to not be the very youngest in your class, was a gift.


Another thing about the fall- you get another little sister. I've loved watching you interact with Evan. Sometimes ya'll fight (okay, a lot of times) but sometimes you are so sweet. You actually really enjoy engaging her, playing chase or tools or games with her. You seek her out and include her. You watch out for her (even when she gets frustrated from not understanding and gets mad!) and you even share with her on occasion. Evan and Elyse are so very lucky to have you on their side, you to call big brother.

I love you babe.

More than you will ever know. You are my first born, my only son, my little man. Thank you for being you.

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