Thursday, July 11, 2013

The 4th and there after

So, it's Thursday and I really meant to post this sooner. Seems to be a theme, eh? Last Thursday was 4th of July. Cody asked to take the kids all day to the family get-together his family was having, so I was on my own. After I dried my eyes, Jacob came over and we knocked out a ton of house work. How exciting is that?!  Ha. I got the house scrubbed on the inside while he mowed, fertilized, and hand watered the yard. Then we washed my car, vacuumed in and under the couch (holy moly, that had never been done in the 10 years I've had the couch), and went over to Mom and Dad's for dinner. After we ate, he was wiped out, so he went home and I met up with friends for fireworks.

The next night we celebrated Ashley's birthday. She left for vacation on Saturday and has been gone all week, so we had to do it before she left. Dinner at Blue Goose...
 (stole this from the Instagram picture she posted)

with a little entertainment of watching the kids play in the fountains.

 Look at the pure joy on my girl's face! *sigh*

 And how happy my boy is!
Saturday morning we ate a leisurely breakfast and then headed to the pool. We had the run of the place for 2 hours! They were cracking me up. Luke is now obsessed with going underwater with his goggles, and Evan would not stop belly flopping into the pool. I'm convinced small children have a much higher pain tolerance than we give them credit for. At one point Evie girl decided to take a break from swimming and sunbathe a little. You will never have to convince me that girls are just born knowing how to be girls.

Always wants to do what Bubba does.
Sunday morning Shae had toddler room duty during service, and she sent me this photo. APPARENTLY Evan pulled all the chairs into a line by herself, then got all of her friends to join her in the "choo choo". Have I mentioned I'm in trouble with that one? And that I'm about to give her a little minion all her own?

The rest of Sunday we spent at home (I think...nothing comes to mind) (maybe we went grocery shopping....) and all of this week we've been able to lay low in the evenings.  It's been a welcome relief. Thursdays are the day that Mom keeps the kids this summer, so I got this in a text this morning:
 Lucky ducks.

Oh. And one final picture. You never have to wonder where my sweet girl has been. Apparently Baby needed some reading material in the bathroom.

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