Friday, July 12, 2013

Birthday mail

Last night I got some happy mail. I'd ordered a couple of things with the birthday money my grandmother gave me, and they happen to both come in on the same day! I'd been itching to replace the necklace I wear pretty much every day. It was the one I got two years ago when I was pregnant with Evan- it had both kid's name on it. Since there is going to be a new kid in town, I needed a new one. And I wanted it a little different than the first one.

I love it! The "I love you" sign in the middle seems a little wonky to me, it looks like it was stamped twice and not quite on top of each other. Makes me a little cross eyed. But other than that, it's perfect! It was a completely custom design and I was so thankful that the girl was able to translate what I'd described. Evan's necklace has the same "I love you" little pendent on it, so it makes it even more special that we can match. Okay, special to me. She doesn't care. Yet.
The second thing that came in was my new purse.
It's the perfect size for what I need. I don't really like carrying shoulder bags, I really prefer cross body bags, but Sunday mornings I need something a tad bigger than what I've got. Generally I don't have to carry around a couple of diapers, Evan's cup, Luke's water bottle, and a snack, but Sundays at church I need all that. This is not nearly as big as a diaper bag, but it can fit all that I need.  Whoo hoo!
So. What were my two children doing while I took those three pictures? Well, we'd been eating dinner when I started with the selfie. I actually wore my glasses to work yesterday (it's what happens when you realize you don't have any more contact solution as you get ready for work), and I took them off to take the picture.  A little boy picked them up.
Then he requested to have his picture taken as he made funny faces. (notice the bowl of uneaten pasta sitting in front of him) The first two are his "funny" faces. The next two were when I told him I absolutely DID NOT want to see him smile.
That little trick is about the only way I can get a genuine smile out of him.
And Evan? She'd polished off her bowl of pasta and had pulled my bowl (half eaten because I got distracted taking pictures) and proceeded to continue to eat.
Yeah. She finished my bowl off completely.
After some bribing for Luke, I got him to eat pretty much all of his food and we ran up the street to 7-11 for our free Slurpees. You didn't think I'd actually let National Slurpee day go by without celebrating, did you?!

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