Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oral surgery

So, a lot has happened in the little over a week since we've been home from the beach. That Friday morning we got up and went down to the beach one last time.  Evan really hated her life jacket the whole week, and since she didn't get in the water anyway, I didn't make her wear it.

Then we went inside for lunch, naps, and started packing. We didn't have to be out of the house until Saturday at 10, but Ashley had to work Saturday night and we were going to try our hand at driving all night again anway. We loaded up the car about 5:30, drove for an hour, stopped for dinner, then hit the road for real. Dad drove all night, stopping only once to get gas, and we were home Saturday morning at 5:30. Ashley put Evan straight in her bed where she slept for another hour. Luke played, and I was able to get us completely unpacked. By 7 we were starved for breakfast but, seeing as before we left I let the pantry and fridge run dry, we had nothing to eat. What's a little family to do?  Hit up Corner Bakery!

We were their first patrons for the day, and since it was only 7, the temps were still lovely from the night before and we could eat outside. After breakfast we headed across the street to restock our food storages, then headed home. By 9:30 I'd unpacked us, done all the laundry, taken us out to eat, and gone grocery shopping. Whew. The rest of the day was spent at home just being home.

Sunday came and went, and it seemed my sweet girl was still trying to get back on schedule. This was after church on our WAY to lunch. She hadn't even eaten yet.

I'm no fool. I knew that a 10 minute doze would equal a one hour nap in her bed, so I didn't make nap time start immediately when we got home from lunch. A little Veggie Tales was in order.
I'm glad that we were able to have the quiet weekend that we did, because Monday Luke had to have oral surgery. At the beginning of June, I took him to the dentist for his first ever cleaning, and also because I suspected a cavity. There was one molar that you could visibly see was missing a chunk out of it. Turns out he was missing a lot more- there were cavities in almost every tooth. In between and along the gum line. When I found out I was devastated. If you know my children, you know they are going to need counseling one day from the lack of things I allow them to eat. Halloween candy lasts until Easter. Easter candy generally gets mostly thrown out because it gets old. We don't snack a whole lot and anything besides milk or water to drink is reserved for only when we are out to eat. I've always put a big priority on making healthy choices, and Luke will be the first one to tell you if something will help you grow or if it's "just for fun" to eat. And there is no way that Luke ever lets me forget to brush his teeth. On the rare occasion that I have, he's gotten out of bed to come tell me we need to do it. Dude likes his routine.
Anyway. I felt like such a failure. I sat there in the dentist's office and cried as she told me everything. And due to the extensive need for work all at once, coupled with his asthma that would prevent normal sedation, he was going to have to be put under full anesthesia at a pediatric surgery center. The time was eventually set for Monday the 24th. Nice was to start real life after vacation, huh?
Luke came through it like a champ. I only cried a little bit when they wheeled him back. It took an hour longer than I thought it would. The anesthesia coupled with the narcotics made him sick afterwards, and I think the hardest part of the day was holding my starving baby off of food (then making him take it very very slowly when I did let him eat) so that his tummy would hold it down. The second hardest part of the day was before we even left. Their other grandmother always keeps the kids on Mondays, so she just came for Evan that morning and when they left, he was SO. EXCITED. that he was getting a special day with me. He kept asking "what are we going to do without Evan? It's our special day! I can play with my train table without her messing it up!" He loves his sister, but this was totally new. Ya'll. I still cry when I think about it. (don't worry. Saturday I made it up to him and we had our special day. more to come on that later)
Tuesday he was pretty much back to normal. He'd complain that his mouth hurt occasionally, he had sores in the crease of his mouth from it being propped open for so long. That afternoon Shae and Tamara took all the kids over to Cindy's to take him a "get well" treat. He felt so so special and it did my momma heart some good. Wednesday we went to dinner at Which Wich (his new favorite place!) and they insisted on eating at the children's table.
Elyse and I would not ever fit at that table, so we just sat next to them. My babies are leaving me all ready! :( That's one sucky thing about single parenting. As your children grow more independent, you are left alone more and more. (and it's only beginning)

(not sure when this was, but it was on my phone. I walked in to them playing under the crib. They'd dragged most of their toys under there. One is reading, one is "fixing" the bottom of the crib. I realize I've yet to post about their room redo's, but that's coming!)

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