Monday, June 24, 2013

Bathroom redo

I'd been itching to redo the kid's bathroom for awhile. Then I found out I was pregnant and I REALLY wanted to redo the bathroom. The one decoration I had in there wouldn't allow for room to let Elyse have a monogram towel, besides the fact that I didn't have a place to put a towel for her in general. The bathroom was a modge podge of things I'd had on hand. The curtain was what I'd registered for when I got married 10 years ago. I made Luke's towel when I was pregnant with him,  I had painted the step stool when he was a toddler. Then added Evan's when she came along. Basically, it is tiny and had no real direction. See?  Blah.

The walls were cream, the curtain was cream, the towels were blue, green, and pink.  Blah.

I found a hook tutorial on Pintrest that I loved for the kid's bathroom, and the idea was born. If I took down the towel bar and put lower hooks, then I'd have to patch the walls. If I patched the walls I'd need to paint them. If the towels were going to be functional there, they'd need to coordinate better. So. My Pintrest bathroom redo board was born.

I puttied, taped, and painted the walls. I painted the picture frames. I found the curtain and towels, the scripture art, and the "letters from Mom" art on various websites. I sanded the step stool down and gave it a new color. I even got new curtain hooks. And now I'm very proud to say that I completely redid the bathroom by myself and I LOVE it.

It's hard to tell in the sucky bathroom lighting, but the walls are no longer a brownish cream, but a blueish grey. It's totally lightened up the room and made it so much brighter.

I found this print and it was already in colors that would work. I felt Psalms 139: 14 was appropriate for my girls (and boy) to grow up with in the bathroom- "I praise you O Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

I found these prints on Etsy and had the shop owner make a set in colors that would match. I LOVE them. So something I would say to my children. "Don't be gross. Wash your hands. With soap. love, Mom" "Those teeth aren't going to brush themselves. love, Mom" "Hang up your towels. This is not a hotel. love, Mom"

And the inspiration that started it all.  The original tutorial had the hooks screwed into a plaque of wood, which I liked because then I could paint the kids' names on the wood. But I couldn't find a piece of wood the right size, but I did find little square plaques. I screwed the coat hooks into the squares, then painted each kids' name on the square, but I didn't like how I had attatched them to the wall. They moved around and I could tell that years of abuse would not fair well. So, although I didn't want so many holes in the wall, I screwed everything in individually and I love how much cleaner it looks. Each babe has his or her own hook and name. A place to be. And I made them low enough that Luke will be able to hang his own towel soon, but it's not so low that it will be weird when he's a 6 foot freshman in high school.

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Jaclyn_Rose said...

Who needs a man, right? You are awesome - I'm HORRIBLE at home decorating, it gives me panic attacks!