Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pool time, Safari Time, Moby Time

Saturday was kind of a long day. Mom and Dad came over at 9, Jacob was not far behind them, and it took the 4 of us 8+ hours to switch the kid's rooms. Granted, some of that time was spent doing yard work by the men, Dad mowed while Mom and I switched out the closets, Jacob sprayed the yard for weeds and got my soaker hoses set up in between furniture moving/putting together, and Mom took the kids to her house at nap time to rest so we could keep going. It was a lot of work, but it's done. Pictures coming soon!
Saturday night was the Foltermann kids' joint birthday. This year they didn't have it at home (like in the past) and totally rented out the aquatic center. It was so fun! The water was a little chilly since it's been raining and hasn't been 100+ consecutively yet, but fun none the less. I got to wear my new bathing suit and Evan LOVED the water.
Girlfriend. Was. Fearless.
And the glee on her face couldn't have been more radiant. After 2 hours in the chilly waters she was a zombie. I mean blue lips, chattering teeth, red eyes, barely keep her eyelids up, zombie. I'm sure that was great for the recovering pneumonia. She was so pitiful it made everyone laugh. But hey, she slept until 7 on Sunday morning! And Luke was just kinda grumpy the whole time. He was irritated that I wouldn't take him in the deeper water, he didn't like the cold, but he ate like a beast.
 the only picture I go of the whole party. Ha!
Sunday afternoon we (Mom, Dad and I) took the kids to go get Luke's hair buzzed off, then on a LFO to a place called Safari Park. Mom had bought a Groupon to there a few weeks ago and we had wanted to take them last weekend on Evan's birthday, but since she'd been sick we held off. They had the best time! It was just this indoor playground with mazes and slides and trampolines, but they had a blast. Look at those faces!
Evan's first experience with a ball pit

There was a "train" ride that went in a little circle, and these mechanical animals to ride around. Luke rode a "jaguar" but Evan was actually afraid of something and refused to get close to the animals.

Yesterday I finally got the material to make BG2's moby wrap. I couldn't decide if I should go with this bright turquois knit or a more subtle grey. Then I found the pink flower material and was sold. The best part of it all was both fabrics were half off! And all that will actually make two wraps, so I'll probably make two then sell one for $25 or so. Any takers? I could use a different cotton fabric that isn't pink if it's for a boy. Anyone?

Also, does anyone have a baby I can borrow? I need to try it out. Practice. On your baby. :)

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