Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vacation pictures

I know, no one just LOVES other people's family vacation pictures. But...bad news.

1.) This is my blog.

2.) I mainly write for the sake of my children- a place for memories and photos since I haven't printed a photo book in years.

The good news.

1.) I've whittled a ton of pictures down to my favorite 8.

2.) I don't have all that much to say because we've mostly done the same thing every day.

My day starts every morning at 6:15. Doesn't matter what time I put them to bed, they are up. And in my room. Have you tried keeping a 2 year old and a 4 year old quite when they are fresh out of bed? Good grief. It's like they just recharged their batteries or something.

 This girl will spend the whole two hours we are down on the beach just digging in the sand, moving it around in buckets, and bringing water up from the ocean. She doesn't need anyone, just her toys!
Speaking of toys, this is one of the buckets full of them that Cindy got the kids for their birthdays. They each got a bucket of toys and a chair. Can you tell how much used them?! Giant hit.
While sister is digging in the sand, this boy has loved flying kites.

 I love getting pictures with my children, and I love to coordinate. So glad they are finally getting to an age where we can usually get at least ONE good picture out of the 9 or 10 we try for.

I just like this one. Evan's been trying to wrestle/tickle Luke. They are sharing a room and I tried to let them nap together one day, but I walked in and she was on his bed trying to wrestle while he was fully covered with the sheet. Someone had to nap in my room every day after that.

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