Monday, June 3, 2013

2 Years

My darling, darling girl. You are now officially a 2 year old.  I can not believe it.

But then I hang out with you for 2 minutes and I do believe it.

Evan, you are so full of personality that it just spills everywhere. Your language absolutely exploded over the last month, and you are now saying complete sentences, answer questions thoughtfully and correctly, and talk non stop. Sing non stop. Your favorite songs to sing are the ABC's and Wheels on the Bus, and you're favorite phrase to say is "No no Bubba!" You've even been known to say it when he's just sitting in his car seat next to you, not doing anything!  You aren't afraid to stand up for yourself, aren't shy to ask for what you want, and definitely love to explore. Where your brother has always been cautious and reserved, you live on the edge. No fear of water, no fear of heights, just a zealous joy to do whatever you can whenever you can. You love slides, swinging, swimming, running, playing with your brother (even though ya'll fight) and most of all- your babies.

("das cute Momma!")

Your babies. What a good little momma you are all ready. For your birthday you got another stroller (one that's not torn from you trying to ride in it yourself!), a baby bed, a baby high chair, a baby car seat and another baby. See a theme here? You put your baby to night night, wrap her in blankets (which can range from your lovie to a tee shirt. You aren't picky), take her for rides in the stoe-yer, and cover her with kisses.  I just know you are going to be THRILLED to DEATH when there is a real live baby in the house in a few months. Hope you don't mind sharing a room with your new sister!

("Momma's baby. Hey-whoa baby")

One thing about you that has just tickled me to no end is how much you love to do what I do. While you play trucks and trains with the best of them, there's never been a doubt about what a girly girl you are. Luke has not ever at any point copied me, but you want makeup when I'm putting on make up. You hike up your leg and put on lotion in the mornings with me. You cook when I cook and get the little vacuum out when I vacuum. I don't know if it's a phase, because you've been sick, or just because you love me, but you've been such a momma's girl lately. At church it has to be MY lap (which is slowly disappearing). At night it has to be me who rocks you. "Momma hold you" fixes most problems. I'm going to be devastated when this phase passes. I know that one day my hugs and kisses and arms won't be able to soothe all the boo boos, but I relish the position now.

Nana painted Great Grandmother's toes on Mother's day, and a certain little girl said "Me tun! I-yant toes!"

Girlfriend, you are still my giant baby. You wear size 3T clothes, have the most beautiful ringlets in your hair, and are finally getting your eye teeth! All 4 at one time. It's about as fun as it sounds. You've been weighing in at 35 lbs, but you might loose a little due to your lack of appetite the last week or so because you've been sick. Even a fever can't keep you down for long, but food has taken a back burner and currently are only eating about 1/4 of what you normally do. You are doing everything that you should, and you do it with a smile on your face and a mischievous gleam in your eye!

I love you love you love you. I'm so glad I get to be your momma. I can't wait to give you a sister. But I'm cherishing our time now with you being my girl. I hope that you're always my girl. Thank you, sweet Evan, for being you.

Birthday party: I'd already decided to have a joint party at the end of the month for both kids, since their friends are all in the same families, and it's a good thing too since Evan was sick this week. She barely made it through presents, dinner and cake! She enjoyed opening all of her presents, but I'm guessing she would have been a little more enthused if she'd felt 100%.

 "A neck-ace and base-yets!" (necklace and bracelets)

"I coy-yer Momma" (color)
 She got a new mixer for her birthday! Lucky for me, she's letting me borrow it and keep it in the kitchen since mine literally burned up a few months ago. I kept forgetting and having to borrow Nana's at the last minute!

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