Thursday, June 6, 2013

End of teeball and start of summer

Well, tee ball has come to an end. And even though we've frequently had two games a week for the last two months, it hasn't been bad at all. We've had so much fun cheering for our boy. He got so much better throughout the season too! Every time he went to bat, every. time., he would walk past and glance at us out of the corner of his eye with a grin that said "Are you watching? I'm doing it! Here I am so you can cheer for me!" Cracked us up. The last game he even remembered to high five the next batter good luck as he came off home plate from making it around the bases. OH, and he tried his hand at "sliding" into base too. I say "sliding" because the first time was when he approached 3rd base and it really looked more like a "trip and fall into base" than a "slide", but then he tried again on his way into home and he actually did it fairly well. He got willingly dirty!

 I hollered at him to look at me so I could get his picture when he played catcher. He hollered at me to stop and go sit back down. Humph. Also, next time he plays catcher someone should probably explain the roll, seeing as he just sat there and didn't know what to do.

Even though it was just a participation trophy, it is his very first trophy ever! He wanted to take it to Cindy's on Tuesday morning to show it off to her, but I was afraid it would get broken, so he settled for a picture of it that he made sure to show Miss Cindy AND Mr. Roger.
Team picture at the end-of-season party! Only missing one kid.

And now on to summer things. I don't think it's brand new news that I've been craving flavored tea this pregnancy. I have found some caffeine free herbal teas that I can make at home to satisfy my craving, but the ice maker in my freezer doesn't make very good ice so I like to keep a bag on hand. I'd used up all my ice at dinner the other night, the kids weren't really eating anyway, so I loaded them up to run down to the corner gas station for another bag. This gas station just happens to be a 7-11, and a Slurpie sounded very good. Guess who had never had a Slurpie before? Yep, those two babies. And just their luck, there was a special flavor- sugar free Sprite, which would also have no caffeine. I let them each get a little one, and they LOVED it. Such a fun summer thing to do.

Another fun summer thing to do? Eat cherries! I've never Luke have cherries before because of the pits, but I thought he might be able to handle them this year. Wrong. It's like he was afraid of the cherry pit or something. I've tried over and over again to show him how to bite and chew slightly so it just pops out, but dude won't do it. He ends up trying to just dig it out, creating a giant cherry juice mess. But apparently there is something called a cherry pitter?! I'm going to check into this.

Something that is decidedly UNsummer like is the fact that the kids have been sick. Luke's battled a cough for some time now, and I finally had him checked out. He's going to be having oral surgery at the end of the month, which requires full anesthesia and a clean bill of health, so I knew we needed to get this check out. Last Wednesday Cindy took them to the dr for me, and at first I wasn't going to have Evan looked at, she was barely coughing and doing just fine. Cindy called me right after I made the appointment and said she had come down with a fever, so I called back and had her added to the schedule. Turns out they BOTH were having acute asthma flare ups and had ear infections! Holy moly. I felt terrible. They were put on antibiotics and breathing treatments 4x a day. By Friday Evan wasn't getting any better, so I called back. The dr put her on a second antibiotic, because it seems the fever was from whatever was going on in her lungs and not from her ears. Monday she STILL wasn't feeling better, so they had her come back in and get a chest xray. It's pneumonia. This added an oral steroid, to the already large regimen of meds on my counter. I'm pretty much running a pharmacy over here.

When the dr said pneumonia, I asked if this was contagious. Why did I care? Oh, only because on Sunday Evan put her sweet little mouth up to my nose to give me a kiss, and instead hacked up a lung. WITH HER MOUTH STILL OVER MY NOSE. Parenting at it's finest, folks.

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