Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Beach Vacay

We finally got to the beach house Saturday afternoon! We pretty much just tossed everything in the house, dug out our bathing suits, and hit the sand. Being later in the afternoon, the tide was coming in so the waves were slightly rougher and Evan wasn't so sure about it. Luke was thrilled. We spent an hour or so in the sand, came in to eat some dinner, then we all were in bed by 8:30 due to lack of sleep from the drive.

Sunday morning dawned bright and early. It was Father's day, sunny, and we were ready for a day to play. We spent a good 2 hours in the morning playing in the sea. We went inside for lunch, nap, and then headed back out until dinner time.

Me and my two sweet girls- one inside baby and one outside baby
Luke's face makes me laugh every single time!

With the waves calmer, Evan warmed right up up and found the ocean every bit as wonderful as it is.

I was a little worried that when we weren't on the beach the kids would get bored. Evan entertains easily. Luke just gets loud and runs places. No where in particular, just runs. Which spurs her on to chase him. Then there are two wild children just running to run.

 Wild children who found Nana and Papa's hats

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