Monday, April 26, 2010

Painting a step stool

So Saturday I started a project that is, for the most part, finished.  Mom bought Luke a step stool for the bathroom at Canton a month or so ago, and I've been trying to decide how to redo the bathroom and then paint it to match.  I've made my decisions and the paint has made it final. 

First I started with a plain stool that Dad puttied and I sanded.

Then I removed the child to start the blue base coat.

(What.  You lookin' at me?  You-a think I'm-a movin'?)

While that dried over night I created a cut-out of the step, drew out the design, and cut out what I needed to.  Template complete!

Then comes the layers.  Each layer required it's own tape and had be allowed to dry before moving on. 

First layer:  green

Second layer:  navy

Third layer: cream stripes going in one direction

Fourth layer:  cream stripes going in the opposite direction.

Just a tip.....when you are making things that need precise lines, it's best to go over with the base color after taping before adding the actual color you want to prevent bleeding.  Example:

And if you get impatient and start painting the top color before the base color is totally dry, you can use your leg to wipe off your brush. 

Once it's all dry....voila!  A step stool for a sweet little boy!  All I need to do it get some polyurethane to seal it all in, but since that's clear it won't look any different in a picture.  And it only took three days and horrid back pain from hunching over!

The shower curtain in his bathroom is cream, so I'm getting some navy and grass-green towels to mix and match for a finished look.  A little boy's bathroom that's not overly kiddy!


Liam's Mom said...

I want to do Liam's room in Argyle when we move so I'll need to look at this post again for tips.

Anonymous said...

I love it! You did a great job!!

~Luke's Nana~

Anonymous said...

The stool looks great!!
Aunt Patty