Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend happenings

This weekend went by in a flash.  Yesterday morning I took Luke to his friend's birthday party.  Except I thought it was at 11 at the grandparents house, when in reality it was at 10 across town at a park.  Oops.  Eventually we made it.  And I even got a bite of the cupcake. 

Last night I went up to the church and hung out with the youth group girls for a spa night.  We had tons of food, foot spas, lots of nail polish, and beads to make jewelry.  Super fun and super girly! 

This morning before church I checked on my seeds (which I do several times a day, every day) and guess what?!  We're growing!  And this time I promise not to pull any of the seedlings up.  I don't know which seeds these are, but I'm sure by the time it counts I'll have figured it out.  Two pots down, three more to go!

(I promise where my finger is, there is a tiny tiny little sprout)

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Lucy Marie said...

Yippee for sprouts!