Monday, April 19, 2010

Gotta blame someone!

This morning dawned dreary again.  It didn't rain (I don't think) but the clouds were still low.  I've worn glasses since 5th grade, and the first thing I do in the morning is put them on.  Okay, it's the second thing I do.  The first thing is more like pray that Luke hushes so I can sleep in a little more.  But that's not the point.  The point is that this morning I couldn't find my glasses.  The last time I remember seeing them was when I snatched them out of Luke's grubby paws yesterday as he tried to staighten them out.  As I searched high and low, I had visions of a meddling little boy with Momma's glasses, hiding them somewhere like the trash.  Like he did with my cutting board Saturday.  I even called Cody and asked him if he had seen them.  You know it's desprite when you ask a man where something is located.

I ended up having to put on my contacts (something I don't do anymore unless I'm going somewhere more classy than the grocery store) and was overwhelmed with the desire to purge my house of all the things hindering me from finding them.  I sorted the laundry out of the closet and kept going. Two hours later I ended up filling up a huge trash bag full of clothes and shoes.  And my closet is reorganized.  Then I moved on to Luke's room.  I filled up a trash bag in his room too, of empty hangers, toys he doesn't play with, and boxes.  

Now did I get my typical Monday cleaning done?  No.  But I did get 6 loads of laundry done.  Load #5 was the sheets.  Guess what I found stripping the bed?  Yep.  My glasses.  They were squished between the night stand and bed frame.  Soooooo......there is a good chance that Luke didn't have anything to do with their dissapearence.  Oops.  But, in my defense, he tends to do things like this when I'm not looking. 

(and excuse the Christmas pj's, we got them good and stained today so I won't feel bad about tossing them)

Guess what I won today?!  Over on A Pocket Full of Posies Jill was giving away a notebook cover from Pleated Poppy (she has also has a blog and her name is Lindsey too)!  I'm so excited because it's stinkin cute!  And you know me and cute crafty things with fabulous fabric....I ams SO there!

And now I just have to vent a little.  Is there anyone out there that is NOT pregnant?  It honestly feels like EVERYONE I know is pregant or just recently had a baby.  And with the curse that is a Facebook addiction, it seems like every other day someone is announcing they are with babe. It's just really frustrating and hurts.  From the sounds of it, Cody doesn't really want any more kids, and I can't imagine not being pregnant one more time.  *sigh*  okay.  I'm done venting.


Liam's Mom said...

Do you mean Sarah?
I love it when Liam put my sunglasses on, but I hate it when he goes for my glasses.

Lucy Marie said...

Well at least losing the glasses resulted in some major productivity - go you!

And, yes, sorry, I am with babe. But I didn't mean to be ... if that helps? I know it doesn't ...