Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Today we weren't home more than we were home.  That never happens.  First we went to Kid's Kastle.  It's this ginormous playground that has more nooks and crannys and little passages than I have ever explored.  Every little boy's dream.  Except for my little boy, who apparently doesn't like gravel or tight spaces.  But we played for a little while and then headed to Lowe's for some flowers.

Saturday when Luke and I were at the birthday party, Cody did some work in the front yard.  The only thing is that he didn't actually work in the YARD, he cleaned out my flower bed.  Which normally I would have been very grateful for, but I had kept all the plants from last year to see if they would come back.  I probably should have communicated that at some point.  My bad.  So I needed some new flowers for the flower beds. 

We came home, ate a quick lunch, and I got both boys down for naps so I could go do this.  Ta da!

(Don't mind the crab grass there on the left.  I got spray for that today too.)

Our yard may be full of mowed down weeds, but at least the flower beds are bright and cheery! 

By the time I got done and showered off the boys were awake.  Boooo to missing my quiet time.  So we headed off to Walmart to get some much needed groceries.  Can you believe I was completely out of fruit?  I can't remember the last time that happend.  I was having to get creative with food for Luke. 

See?  Busy day. 


Lucy Marie said...

Busy day indeed. Your flowers look lovely! It's still too risky to plant mine - we could still very well get a frost but I'm itching to get going!

Jill said...

goodness! I got tired just reading about your day! :) but, your flowers look beautiful!