Thursday, April 1, 2010

Green Thumb

I'm trying to plant stuff again.  Yesterday Luke and I went to Lowe's and got potting soil and a bunch of seed packets.  We also nearly got blown away standing in line due to some wickedly strong wind that's whipping through here, which lead to my rosemary seeds getting blown away.  Super bummed about that but maybe I can get some more soon.

Anyway, I got some basil, parsely, cilantro, and chives, which I planted last night in little pots and put them outside my back door.  I went to check on them this morning and there was nothing. 

Just kidding.

I know I"ve got a week or so before I can use them to cook.

Plus I also got some grape tomato seeds, spinach seeds, and zinna seeds.  I thought I might plant those in this little strip of yard in between the house and the sidewalk that leads to the driveway in the back yard.  But right now that little strip of land is totally and utterly consumed with weeds.  So if I get them all dug up in the next week or so I might try my hand at grown me some veggies.  The last time I tried to grow vegtables I was probably in middle school.  I was so worried that the little sprouts coming up were weeds that I pulled them all up.  Is any one suprised that NOT ONE thing grew in my little garden?  Not one.  But that summer we sure did have a nice clean flower bed.

Now switching gears, I forgot that I had hidden the camera in my robe pocket the other day to keep it away from Luke, and I had a few things to share.  Like what we wore Sunday morning to church:

And also a 10 second clip of Luke "talking".  I know I've mentioned several times about how he is behind verbally, so I wanted to get a video him.  Not just for you, but so that one day when this is all behind us we can look back and laugh.  I just hope he's not 30 when we can finally look back and laugh.


Anonymous said...

Loved the video! Luke definitely knows what he is saying! He will let you in on the secret someday soon! :)

~Luke's Nana~

Lucy Marie said...

Cute video.

Last year, I accidentally pulled up half of our carrots because I got a wee bit carried away with the weeding. Oopsie Daisy!