Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cold feet and blue lips

So the first thing I did this morning (after waking up at the un-godly hour of 7:30 AM with Mr. Chatty Cathy) was call the AC people to see when they could come out.  I mean, it was 8:03 and I was praying they opened at 8 instead of 9.  Praise Jesus- they not only answered by they had someone at my house by 10:30!  Another huge blessing was the fact that the weather was gorgeous today, so with the windows all open it stayed a breezy 74 in the house.  My feet were cold.  Thank you Jesus for taking care of me and my babies today!

Back to the story.  So the dude came out and after poking around told me that the compressor fan was out.  So that's what the circular saw noise was.  He told me it would be $479 to replace.  *gasp*  For one little fan?!?!  Holy moly.  But then he told me that our whole unit really needed to be replaced, and that would START at $5000.  Start.  5 grand.  I wasn't really suprised that he said that.  The unit is origional with the house, which has already had birthday number 30.  Yes.  It's ancient.  But unfortunantly we don't have any insurance/warrenty policy that would cover replacing a unit that's just plain old and we don't have that kind of pocket change, so the quick fix of the fan will have to buy us some time.  And $500 doesn't look so bad when compaired to $5000.  That's a whole extra zero.

So all of that took pretty much the entire morning and early afternoon.  Plus the fact that Luke wouldn't go down for a nap really made it all fun. I mean, I put him in the crib at 12:45 and at 1:45 he was howling.  It started a chit chat with himself, and then I went into rock him.  Big mistake.  That's why an hour later he was voicing his frustrations in tears.  But I knew eventually tears would give way to sleep, and I was right. 

After he got up, at 4, I quickly got him dressed and headed out to get a hair cut.  Lord have mercy, the horror.  The girl wanted to try clippers on him to get it more even and I have never seen the poor child more terrified of anything.  Not needles, not the shower, not the vacuum, not even spaghetti.  That boy was HYSTERICAL.   She switched back to scissors, and things were okay until she had to use the little trimmers around the edges.  Panic and hysteria resumed once more.  We tried pinning his arms and head.  I tried holding him standing up.  I tried holding him sitting down.  I tried to give him a sucker.  There is a massage place next door, and I sure hope no one was trying to relax at that time because it sounded like a horror film. 

In the end he got a good hair cut.  And a sucker.  His first sucker.   I probably shouldn't have picked out a blue one though, because then he ended up looking like this.

Can you see the wide circle of blue around his lips?  If he were napping at this point someone might try to resuscitate him.  And it didn't come off with wipees.  Nope.  It took an hour for it to wear off. 


Anonymous said...

Look at that big boy haircut! So cute! I'm happy your house is cool again! Hopefully you can hold off on that extra zero!

~Luke's Nana~

Kendra and Nick said...

What a cute hair cut! He is getting so big so fast!