Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So just about every morning Luke has strawberries with his breakfast.  I have finally stopped cutting up his food.  He will pick up the strawberry and just take a few bites out of it until it's gone, which is fantastic except for the strawberry juice that runs down his chin.  I generally make him wear a bib if he still has on his pj's, or just take his clothes off and wipe him down later.  This morning he took too long to eat so I finally left the breakfast table and sat with my coffee to start catching up on my DVRed shows.  A little while later he comes up to me, pulling on his bib as if to say "I'm done, get this thing off of me!".  So I ask him if he's done, he says "yeah" and I take it off. 

An hour later I look over at him sitting in his chair reading and he looks like this.

Really?  I specifically put his bib on his so he would NOT stain his shirt.  Apparently he went back later and ate the berries that he didn't finish before.  *sigh*  At least he's almost out grown those pj's. 

Not long after that we were playing on the floor and I look to my left at the entertainment center and I find a new decoration.  (and some awesome fingerprints on the digital frame)

I did not leave that there.  I guess he didn't finish his chocolate chip muffin for breakfast either.  20 minutes later it was gone.


Melanie said...

Hahaha, that muffin thing cracks me up.

Don't worry about the strawberry stains...when we went strawberry picking Madison came out covered in strawberry juice, I forgot to pre-treat and the stains still came out. No biggie.

Hog Hunting Texas said...

Very very cute boy. Let him eat what he wants to be.

Liam's Mom said...

Lol! You got yourself a little strawberry man! Sweet.