Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Yesterday was Monday.  That meant it was cleaning day and laundry day, nothing worth talking about there. 

Today we had a few fun things on the agenda.  It started with a 9 AM doctor's appointment for me.  I was in dire straights for a refill on the allergy meds and apparently you have to pay a $20 co-pay to say "I need more allergy meds".  He didn't look at me, he didn't ask me anything, just filled it and sent me on my way.  Please tell me why that couldn't be done over the phone. 

We also had our weekly playtime at the park this morning at 10:30, but we had about an hour to kill in between the dr and park time.  So, I took a stab at taking the boys to Starbucks.  It wasn't too bad at all.  Kayden just sat on the table in the car seat (love that age!) and Luke did fairly well.  He ate the breakfast I brought for him, then of course wanted part of what I ordered, and then entertained the fellow patrons by trying to "get away" with things like walking close to the door and grinning at me like he was hot stuff.  It was all good and well until he actually got half way out the door and I had to run across the seating area to retrieve him.  Then I felt we were just being distractions to the people trying to do actual work, so we left.  I got the boys out to the car with my coffee still intact, but that's when things took a sour note.  I had the coffee on the back of the car while I buckled in Luke and a strong wind blew it over.  So bummed.  I had only gotten 3 sips of it.  The only thing that made me feel okay with the situation was the fact that I had gotten weighed at the dr's office.  I was so pleasesntly suprised at the number on the scale that I figured why ruin it with a calorie laiden drink?   Plus I could get a huge Dr. Pepper later and not even feel guilty about it. 

We went off to the park and got there a few minutes before our friends did.  Poor Luke got really interested in the birds and spent a good 10 minutes trying to catch himself a crow.  And wouldn't you know, he didn't get a single one.  We played out there until 11:45 with Jayden and his mom Tamara, until SOMEONE was so tired he was crying over ever little thing.  Like how I wouldn't let him go play in the parking lot or in our empty car. 

We took off and I stopped at Chick fil A for lunch (told you I could have something and not feel guilty about it!).  The rest of the afternoon was slow and easy, except for the fact that our air conditioner quit working.  So now we are all hot, sticky (the humidity is really up there), and personally I'm dreading trying to sleep in this.  It's supposed to rain tonight, so we can't even leave the windows open.  Not that I could anyway, I would be listening to all the noises outside and paranoid that men in black ski masks were making their way inside. 

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Lucy Marie said...

What a bummer about your coffee but I'm glad you got some chik fil a!