Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another busy day

Today was a lot more hectic than it should have been.

Last night there was a book fair at church, and of course I bought a book we already had.  That happens occasionally.  So this morning at about 9:30 I loaded the boys up and went back up there to exchange it.  Then we went to the bank.  Then we went to Walmart for some groceries and to see if they had any toddler sized sheets.  Do you know how hard it is to find those?  I'm going to have to order them online because I can't find them ANYWHERE.  I don't enjoy ordering things online.  I enjoy the pleasure picking it up, holding it, purchasing it, and taking it home that day to enjoy.  Not waiting.  And waiting. 

But back today.  We went home after Walmart and as I unloaded the bags I realized I didn't get eggs.  The eggs I needed for a recipe I was making today.  Luckily the boys were still in the car so I grudgingly got back in and headed up to Tom Thumb.  While hastiely trying to get the eggs and get out, I managed to knock over a plant and totally bust the pot, as well as knock some bags of cough drops off their display.  I felt like a total winner.  By the time we got home it was way past lunch time so I fed them quickly and put them to bed. 

Except Luke didn't want to cooperate.  The last few days I've been making him say /p/ before I'll give him his pacifier.  Today he didn't want to do it, so he got no paci and screamed about it.  For 2 1/2 hours.  I was so frustrated with him by that point that I ended up yelling at him to either say it or quit screaming.  I scared him so bad that he quit screaming and fell asleep.  But I felt soooo guilty.  Score one for a bad mommy moment. 

In the mean time I got the tort made for the dinner we were going to tonight, and then I was able to start sewing.  The lady who's house we were going to also had asked me to make her future grandbaby (arriving in July) a golf themed onesie since her son-in-law (baby's daddy) is a big golfer.  I had it in my mind that it HAD to get done today, so I totally stressed myself out about it.  I really wanted to make a hooded towel as a present from me, but it was getting down to the wire and the lettering was screwing up and I was so fed up with all that had happend that I said SCREW IT! and have now endowed Luke with a navy towel with the letters "pa" on it (the baby's name will be palmer).  Oi. 

But the dinner was super fun.  It was just our bible class/small groups people, and I always enjoy a night of good food and fellowship with them.  Luke defininantly was a stealthy meddler at their house though.  They had their dogs kenneled on the back porch, and at one point I saw him try to feed them his sandwich (I couldn't get out there fast enough so I stood at the window banging on it to stop) and give them an ipod he found lying around (someone else caught that quickly).  He found their key board to the computer and tried to leave them a message and found the front door unlocked and tried to escape.  Never a dull moment with that one.  I don't even think I told you about the time a couple of days ago when he totally played me and Cody.  He came up to me and handed me his cup (his way of telling you he wants more) wanting juice, but there was still milk in it.  I told him he had to drink his milk before he got juice and gave it back.  I WATCHED HIM take it, calmly walk to Cody in the other room, and HAND HIM THE CUP.  What?!  How do they know to do that?  I quickly informed Cody of what was going on and Luke was in for the shock of his life when Daddy said the same thing Momma did.  Stinker.

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Anonymous said...

Palmer's things are precious! Bad mommy moments happen to the best of us! Hopefully our kids won't hold it against us. :)

~Luke's Nana~