Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't bake live plants.

Sorry about skipping out on you last night.  Yesterday afternoon, totally out of the blue, I suddenly got horribly sick.  It was AWFUL.  But I'm better now, so we need to catch up. 

I finally got on the ball and finished some sewing that I've been meaning to do.  Kayden's mom, Ashley, saw that onesies that I made for Ryan a few weeks ago and decided that he needed some too.  So I whipped them up this little number. 

And while I had the sewing machine out I thought my beloved son needed something new with my touch to it too.  So I made him this. 

One more thing to knock off my to do list- make the insert to this coffee mug that Mom found for me a couple of months ago.  Except it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  You are supposed to just use paper to decorate the inside, but being the sewing fanatic that I am I just HAD to make something out of fabric.  Then I spent two hours of my life today trying to stuff the darn fabric in there. 

Another thing I accomplished was repotting my herbs.  Remember how I planted some seeds?  Well, last week it rained for a couple of days, and before I rescued the pots inside they totally drowned.  Utterly and completely drowned.  I thought by bringing them inside they would have a chance to dry out.


Apparently storing pots of soil in your kitchen sink only makes the soil mold.  White fuzzy mold.  On the dirt.  Around the sprouts. 

Being the ingenius girl that I am, I thought, well what if I helped them dry out faster?  If the moisture was gone, that would kill the mold right?  And what's dryer and warmer than an oven that almost cooled down from cooking dinner? 

So not only did it not dry out my soil, not kill the mold, but it made my plants look like this. 

Notice how days later the soil is STILL wet?  Yeah.  It was that bad.  After watching them die a slow and painful death this week I decided to suck it up and buy more seeds.  Except when I went to Walmart they didn't have any chives.  Ironically, that was the plant that was the most moldiest.  But on the bright side, when I go to Lowe's and buy more chive seeds I can get some mint seeds too.  Nothing says summer like making mojito's from you very own mint.  Anyway, another bright side was that this time I learned my lesson and stuck the empty packet in the back of the pot so now it won't be a guessing game as to what's growing where. 

See?  Much better.


Lucy Marie said...

I love all the things you made. The burp cloths are soooo cute.

Becki said...

Hi! I found your blog via Shabby Blogs. So very cute! Would love to follow your blog if that is ok. Promise I am a very friendly "blog stalker"! LOL! Stop by my blog for a visit. Would love to be blog "friends"!