Friday, April 2, 2010

Random Bits

1. There are a couple of new shows I've been watching lately.  Some I'm proud of, some I'm not.  After a multi-year hiatus from VH1, I've been sucked back in by Sober House (which was preceeded by Celebrity Rehab) and Jessica Simpson's Price of Beauty.  I'm actually really glad to see good ole Jess in a show that doesn't make her look like a blubbering fool, and it's been really interesting to learn about beauty in other culutres.  And obviously those were some extremely guilty pleasures.  What I'm proud to proclaim I watch is Modern Family.  Oh. My. Gosh.  I think it's my next Friends.  I've had a hard time letting go of that one. 

2.  I think it's hysterical that Luke hates having dirt on his hands.  Whenever he gets them dirty outside he will come in and have me brush them off.  He'll just walk up to me with his hands out- palms up- and make a noise in the back of his throat.  I'll brush them off, he'll go running back outside, and 2 minutes later he's back. 

3.  I'm really not sure what I should write down as his "first" word.  He says something that sounds like "that" and "this" and any time you ask him a question he'll answer "yes", no matter what you said.  Also recently he's started saying something along the lines of "go".  Do I pick one of these?  Do I wait until it's more clear cut? 

4.  I made and ordered my 4th photo book last month.  I keep forgetting to tell you about this one.  To flip  through the books I've made you can go here.  You could even buy one if you wanted, but I don't know why you would really want to spend upwards of $70 for books of pictures solely of my son.  At the end of the month is my one year anniversary of the blog, so I'm going to upload all of my posts to a book format and get it printed so future generations can read what life was like in the early 2000's.  If' it survives a couple of hundred years, being passed down generation to generation.  Or just for Luke and his future kids to see what kind of mess he really was.

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Lucy Marie said...

I heart Modern Family! It is so funny. Every week I think the episode is my favorite one yet ... they just get better and better!